June 2020

New Retail: convenience over data privacy?

By | 2020-06-01T15:44:05+08:00 June 1st, 2020|Categories: Alibaba, alipay, Apps, China, eCommerce, Marketing, New Retail|

Retail is evolving to adapt to consumers’ expectations, and that often means bringing digital elements into their stores. Digitizing the customer experience indeed seems to be the key to offer the “three C’s” to consumers: customer centricity, convenience, and customization.  In China, New Retail has proven that modern technologies and data can enable merchants to [...]

May 2020

What to eat in Japan?

By | 2020-05-23T00:09:33+08:00 May 22nd, 2020|Categories: Food, General, Japan, Tokyo, Travel|

After an academic exchange of six months in Japan, I will share with you some tips, in order to have a great culinary experience in Japan. You can also read my tips for the perfect visit of the Land of the Rising Sun capital city in a previous article called “What to do in Tokyo [...]

Digital, an invisible bond that (re)unites

By | 2020-05-22T22:15:10+08:00 May 22nd, 2020|Categories: Applications, Apps, COVID-19, Digital Business, eCommerce, Economie collaborative, Food, Gaming, General, Marketing, Mobile, platforms|

It is in November 2019 that the COVID-19 virus started his journey, in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Since then, this global pandemic has disrupted the world order and caused numerous tragic deaths, forcing governments and people to rethink fundamentally their way of doing things. Professional and personal lives had to be reinvented, taking into [...]

April 2020

Discover Taïwan from your Couch

By | 2020-04-27T03:32:39+08:00 April 27th, 2020|Categories: Culture, Food, Lifestyle, Tourism, Tourisme, Travel, Travelling|

If your main hobby since the beginning of this quarantine is to imagine yourself away from home, enjoying some fresh air, eating something other than pasta or quiche, then this article is for you! Taiwan is not the first destination you think of when you talk about escape. Here are 5 reasons that will make [...]

4 films en huis clos pour relativiser en confinement !

By | 2020-04-27T03:27:00+08:00 April 26th, 2020|Categories: Cinema, Culture, Drama|

En ces jours compliqués de confinement, vous êtes surement en télétravail ou bien la tête dans votre mémoire. Pour fuire votre routine imposée, je vous propose quatre films en huis clos qui vous feront, je l'espère, mieux vivre vôtre confinement.   10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Genres: Suspense et Drame   Synopsis: Michelle une jeune femme, [...]

The Circle – New TV Show on Netflix

By | 2020-04-21T16:43:33+08:00 April 21st, 2020|Categories: A.I, Events, MBADMB, News, platforms|Tags: , , , , , , |

THE CIRCLE Let's change our minds, let's think about something else than covid-19, about the internships we're desperately looking for, about the permanent contracts we might not get this year... Let's sit on the couch, turn on Netflix and watch the news! Oh watch, a new reality TV show... The Circle ! What is it [...]

Découverte du Qigong à Shanghai

By | 2020-04-14T18:23:10+08:00 April 14th, 2020|Categories: China, Culture, Life in China, Sport, Traditions in China Countryside|Tags: , , , , , |

Étudiante à Shanghai, j’ai décidé de découvrir quelques pratiques chinoises pendant mes mois d’études dans ce pays. Je souhaite vous présenter dans cet article le Qigong. J’ai eu l’occasion de tester le Qigong pendant 1h30 au parc de Zhongshan. Je conseille vivement ce parc, très grand et animé par diverses activités. Celui-ci vous fera oublier [...]

Impact de l’histoire de Chine sur les générations

By | 2020-04-11T16:51:59+08:00 April 9th, 2020|Categories: Chinese, comportement, Histoire Chine, Marketing|Tags: |

En seulement 60 ans, la Chine est passée d'un pays fermé en une des plus grandes puissances mondiales. Avec cette croissance rapide, on peut aujourd'hui différencier chaque génération, leur comportement en fonction du contexte historique vécu : révolution culturelle, industrielle, ouverture au monde, la grande consommation et la digitalisation. Dans cet article, je vous explique [...]

Does the drop of pollution from Covid-19 save lives?

By | 2020-04-07T22:39:00+08:00 April 7th, 2020|Categories: Buzz, China, Life in China|

Rumor has it that the coronavirus will save more lives than it cost. The reason? The drop of pollution from Covid-19 epidemic. So, good news or fake news? China is experiencing a drop in pollution and days of good air quality. In February 2020, according to Nasa, the drop of pollution from the Covid-19 epidemic [...]