January 2019

Envahis par les “Bubble Tea”

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Credits to insta @feedingdodo Que vous viviez en Asie ou en Europe, vous avez probablement déjà eu l’occasion de croiser ces boissons à l’allure de grand capuccino glacé dans des gobelets en plastique nous laissant entrevoir d’épaisses boules noires qui en tapissent le fond. Il s’agit d’une boisson taïwanaise, originellement vendue dans des [...]

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Is the Trade War between China and the US also happening at the box-office?

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China’s influence on Hollywood has been significantly increasing over the years, as well on screen as behind the scenes. The country is set to become the largest market for the film industry, but only allows 34 foreign films per year. The challenge with this massive market lies in resonating with international audiences and the Chinese [...]

Discover Hong Kong: New year’s Eve travel guide

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One of the best destination to experience the new year's eve. From China, there are several destinations to travel during holidays. One of the best for New Year's Eve is Hong Kong. There are lots of reasons for that but the one who closes the deal is, of course, the fireworks. The show takes place [...]

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Study in Shanghai

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Organizing his trip to Shanghai To study in Shanghai, it is important to anticipate your arrival in China. For that, here are some recommendations, ideas, and tips to properly organize your departure. Administrative part To begin, the administrative part. Know that China is very sharp on the paperwork. If you want to study more than [...]

Etudier à Shanghai

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Organiser son voyage à Shanghai Pour étudier à Shanghai, il est important de bien anticiper votre arrivée en Chine. Pour cela, voici quelques recommandations, idées et astuces pour organiser correctement votre départ.   Partie administrative Pour commencer, la partie administrative. Sachez que la Chine est très pointue sur les formalités administratives. Si vous désirez étudier [...]

Le gouvernement chinois annonce une nouvelle campagne de contrôle d’Internet

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Crédit image : Duc Dao – Shutterstock.com Le gouvernement chinois annonce une nouvelle campagne de contrôle d’Internet. Pékin a publié ce mercredi 9 janvier de nouvelles directives quant aux contenus publiés sur Internet. Les chiffres de lutte contre les publications illégales de l'année précédente ont également été annoncés.  La population chinoise est hyperconnectée ; en dix [...]

Contemporary Art in Shanghai : Opening of Gallery Perrotin

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With the explosion of the art scene in Shanghai these last years, Perrotin Gallery had to be present in China's city of lights. After places in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo, Shanghai was the next step to reach Asia better, where the love for contemporary art is growing fast. They located their [...]

Importance of KOL for Chinese consumers.

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Before coming to China the first time, the perception l had of the country was yes it might be a big country but it’s not developed. To be honest l expected being in an environment with people dressed like Cartoons characters or ninja just like in movies. l know it’s funny but those are the [...]