février 2019

2 days in Shanghai : what to do?

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There is a lot a people living in Asia or visiting a friend that only stay a week end in Shanghai to discover the crazy hub of China. The town is actually plenty of incredible and different things to do but if you want to enjoy and see the best of Shanghai for 2 days, [...]

WeChat Mini-Programs: 5 Key Insights

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WeChat Mini-Programs, despite existing for a while now, became a thing in 2018. We saw thousands of new Mini-Programs being developed and shared by brands for the main use or for games and specific events. They are easier, faster, cheaper and lighter (size file) for brands to release. Nowadays, it's rare to see a brand [...]

This is how Charles Bark, Founder of HiNounou, used IOT to change the life of seniors in China

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Did you know that population aging is poised to become one of the most significant social transformations of the twenty-first century? According a University of California, San Francisco UCSF study, 60 years old participants and older who reported feeling lonely face a 45 percent increase in their risk of death. But, what if we could [...]

Rugby in China : Overview of the future

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Do you know in which country is located the biggest rugby fanbase in the world? Your guess would probably be one of the biggest nations such as France, or maybe Australia. And you would be wrong, it is China and the USA, followed by India and then France.   Where does China stand in the [...]

Virtual Reality: International Spatial Station

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    I would like to tell you about my fabulous experience of stargazer in the International Spatial Station through virtual reality. No worries, it wasn’t in the “real life”! But for me, that was an incredible immersion! It was a kind of adventure also for my body; therefore I’m going to explain further.   [...]

janvier 2019

L’étoilé le moins cher du monde à Shanghai

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Le restaurant Michelin le moins cher du monde à Shanghai Vous rêviez de manger dans un restaurant Michelin deux étoiles ?  Les restos deux étoiles en France sont trop onéreux ?  Vous pensiez que c’était trop cher pour vous ?   Bien sûr, nous sommes habitués aux restaurants étoilés Michelin français hors de prix.  La [...]

8 Must-Eat Street Food in Shanghai

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8 Must-Eat Street Food in Shanghai ! Try it and you will love it.   When I first arrived in China for the MBA DMB, I immediately wanted to try the Shanghainese Street-Food. Fresh spring rolls. Delicious Nems and Samosas. Shrimp Fritters… What a surprise it was for me to discover that all this exists [...]

How to avoid Tea Scam in China ?

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This article is all about warning tourists visiting China to watch out for scamsters in a place which is otherwise amazing and full of adorable people. Traveling to China can sometimes be tricky. Indeed, as China is becoming a more and more touristic country, locals are trying to take advantage of some tourists.   How [...]

The History of virtual reality – Part 1

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According to Wikipedia: the term Virtual Reality (VR) refers to a computer technology that simulates the physical presence of a user in an artificially generated environment by software, an environment in which the user can interact. Still according to Wikipedia, Augmented Reality (AR) is the superposition of reality and elements (sounds, 2D images, 3D, videos, etc.) [...]

Contemporary Art in China : discover the 12th Shanghai Biennale

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After having a wonderful Christmas break, it may be hard to be back in Shanghai under a grey sky. Fortunately, we are entering into the Chinese New Year holidays! If you get one day off or if you’re traveling to Shanghai before March 10th, 2019, you must visit the 12th Shanghai Biennale. It is located [...]