December 2018

Cinema History 中

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Despite being a great world power, Chinese authorities still have a battle to win: their attempts to gain international audience are counterproductive and often perceived as propaganda by the rest of the world. The soft power - in Mandarin Ruǎn shílì (软实力) - was officially adopted by the Chinese government as a political principle in [...]

November 2018

Alipay and Wechat Pay Around the world – Infographic

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WeChatPay and Alipay are two giant of the online payment industry. Even though they provide mainly to the Chinese market, they own a massive amount of users. WeChatPay and Alipay are on the way of global expansion, and you may not be familiar with these two online payment platforms now, but I can bet that [...]

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October 2018

China: Between Digital & Traditions – Feedback from May 2018

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After travelling a lot by myself in China in Cities and countryside, I can confirm there are 2 worlds : the Digital world which is powerful in Cities and another world outside of cities where you have the deep traditions of Chinese Life without internet, with a simple way they lived in the old days. [...]

July 2018

The ESSCA – EFAP DMB at CES Asia 2018

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Shanghai, China, June 13-15, the CES Asia 2018 trade show had been held in SNICE, Shanghai. Maximilian RECH, Academic Director of MSc in Digital Marketing & Business, was at the Consumer Electronics Show Asia 2018 for the ESSCA and EFAP Digital Marketing and Business Programme. There are more than 500 pioneering companies with their latest [...]

May 2018

Photoshop 101 – How to create your own GIF

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Do you say jif or gif ? This ever-lasting debate has been dividing the Internets since the dawn of time. Whatever is your take on this subject, with the increased popularity of the reaction GIFs across social plateforms, it can come handy to know how to make your own personalized GIFs. I will teach you [...]

Fast & Curious #MBADMB Shanghai

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MBADMB Shanghai Le MBADMB Shanghai a célébré sa dernière journée de cours de l'année  Après 7 mois passés au bout du monde comme une véritable fratrie, la séparation est difficile... C'est pourquoi nous avons concocté un "Fast & Curious" en guise d'au revoir ! *Attention, sourire garanti !     Auteurs : [...]

WeChat Mini Programs & 5 Useful Cases

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WeChat is the power app in China. Anything can be done with WeChat. Recently the platform reached more than 1 billion monthly active users. To simplify life even further, in early 2017, Tencent came out with Mini Programs, and they have become a Chinese mobile sensation. Below is an overview of WeChat mini programs and [...]

BiliBili Mobile APP as a Success in China

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As soon as you meet new Chinese Friends, you always find a way to know more about digital Strategy in China and what type of APP do Millennials use in China every day. So I thought it was interesting to know about the Success of BiliBili APP in the Chinese Market today. Bilibili (stylized as [...]

April 2018

Le futur du supermarché

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C’est en Chine, un pays ou le commerce mobile a pris une énorme part dans le quotidien de sa population, qu’Auchan et Alibaba ont décidé d’innover en révolutionnant le commerce offline. On entre ici dans l’ère du phygital où muni d’un smartphone, tout devient possible ! Nous avons visité ces deux supermarchés et vous en [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Chinese Textbooks: Beginner to Advanced

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Learning Chinese is difficult as it is. No need to complicate that more with hard to track resources or unknown textbook gems. Below, I've created the ultimate guide of Chinese textbooks. These are the best of the best on the market. These can be used both in the classroom but, for Chinese self-learners like me, [...]