April 2019

Surf Escape from Shanghai : Siargao in Philippines

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If you have the chance to be able to go out of China during your stay or if you live in Shanghai, you will want to travel in Asia. If you like to surf, boat days, nice restaurants, best beaches, well paradise… Go to Siargao. You can actually go for a long weekend escape, it [...]

Shanghai Botanical Garden

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Shanghai Botanical Garden If you have a free Saturday, go to the Shanghai Botanical Garden. The Shanghai Botanical Garden is a botanical garden located in the southwest suburbs of Shanghai, China (about 12 km southwest of downtown), in Xuhui District. It is the largest in China and easy to access.  How to get to Shanghai [...]

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Tokyo : a 4 days itinerary, between soul and culture

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Tokyo is one of the biggest city in the world and fascinates by its strong culture and soul. Near Shanghai, it is interesting and easy to dive into another asiatic way of thinking and art of living. Here is a shortlist for a nice itinerary in the heart of Tokyo. How to move ? Once [...]

Top 10 most green vendors in Shanghai 

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Top 10 most green vendors in Shanghai. If you’re living in Shanghai or even if you’ve just visited the city, you’ve probably noticed the pollution. There is a lot of smog that you can both see and smell, throughout the day. Sometimes reaching a level 7 times higher than the maximum average level recommended by [...]

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The arcades craze in Shanghai

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Even though you are a young adult or a grown man, we all have a kid we once were inside of us and enjoy childish activities. In that sense, Shanghai is an awesome place to reveal the kid inside of you. In fact, there are a great number of arcades places and it is also [...]

Where to travel in China ?

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China is so huge that we never know where to start a trip. Therefore I will show you two places to travel to and how to get from one to another. The two destinations I will talk about are Guilin and what's nearby then Chengdu which is in the Sichuan, a bigger region than France. [...]

Les meilleurs speakeasies à Shanghaï et comment y entrer

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Shanghaï raffole de ces endroits secrets ; voici une shortlist des meilleurs speakeasies et comment y entrer. Le speakeasy, anglicisme charmant, est un bar caché. Initialement clandestin durant le temps de la Prohibition américaine, ce type de rendez-vous court à présent les rues pour réunir les branchés ou amateurs de subtiles saveurs. On y sert généralement des cocktails [...]

The Fanciest Restaurants In Shanghai

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If you are a food lover or a novelty seeker: you are in the right place! Shanghai's food scene is teeming with some of the most interesting and fancy eateries. If you live here or pass by Shanghai, here are a few humongous places that you cannot definitely miss!   1. Ultraviolet Paul Pairet's 3 [...]

Escape from Shanghai for a weekend:  Qiandao Lake

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Are you looking for a gateway for the weekend? If you are looking for a quick trip to paradise, this place is for you! Qiandao Lake or “Thousand Islets Lake”, located in Chun’an Country of Zhejiang Province, is a human-made, freshwater lake which was” formed after the completion of the Xin’an River Hydroelectric Station in [...]

March 2019

Why Is China on the Lookout for the Global Music Market?

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- QQMusic screenshot - In the world’s second-largest economy the music business is definitely not left behind. China has quickly turned around its music business practices in the last few years and started to reveal its potential to the world. In last year’s Global Music Report (IFPI, 2018), China was ranked for the [...]

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