February 2020

Junior Consultant Project – Experience

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Junior Consultant Project - La French Tech Shanghai Since October, with the MBA Digital Marketing & Business Shanghai, we have had the mission to work for companies in China and France to support them in their communication strategy as Junior Consultant. Some of them had to revise the whole graphic charter, others had to realize [...]

Guide de survie de la langue chinoise – Vocabulaire et tips (Partie 2)

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Pour cette deuxième partie du guide de survie de la langue chinoise, je vous donne le vocabulaire à connaître pour venir en Chine accompagné de ses petits tips. D'ailleurs, si vous souhaitez apprendre le mandarin, n'hésitez pas à regarder mon premier article sur les meilleures applications mobile pour apprendre le Chinois !   LE VOCABULAIRE [...]

How to stay focus in your studies ?

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Recently, I had to gather all my concentration to start working on my master thesis. This exercise is hard and time-consuming. Thus, it is compulsory to stay focus and efficient for the longest time. However, I easily lose my concentration. A white wall quickly become more attractive than my studies and my mind spreads itself [...]

Quelle plateforme e-commerce pour vendre son vin en Chine?

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Quelle plateforme e-commerce pour vendre son vin en Chine? Aujourd’hui, l’écosystème digital en Chine se divise entre 3 gros acteurs: les BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent). En 2002, la Chine comptait 12 millions d'utilisateurs d'Internet. En Janvier 2019, le nombre total d'utilisateurs d'Internet en Chine atteignait 802 millions de personnes. Il est alors fondamental de comprendre [...]

Chinese New Year in YuanYang

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The Chinese New Year is over. This year we celebrated the year of the rat in China! To live an amazing experience and to remember it I decided to discover the district of Yunnan in the south of China, very famous for its rice fields.  The travel First of all, you have to know that [...]

January 2020

New Year New Coronavirus – Truth in China ?

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  Shortly after returning from a business trip to China, Beth Emhoff died suddenly of an unknown infection. Her young son died the same day as her, a little later. A global epidemic is soon to emerge. The situation is extremely serious and the infection soon kills many people. This synopsis is from the film [...]

Chinese pop culture becoming mainstream thanks to iQiyi.

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  Iqiyi is one of the 3 most popular video platforms in China. The company wishes to strengthen its influence on Chinese Pop-culture Trends through its new reality show FOURTRY. This fashion reality show is about a group of Chinese celebrities (Angelababy, Kris Wu, Wilber Pan, Jinmai Zhao, and Fox) running a pop-up store in [...]

Fashion E-commerce platform in China : a powerful sales channel

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In the general context of the Chinese market, the focus is on major digital players such as Alibaba, Tencent and JD. On the other hand, we often hear that luxury fashion brands have long been reluctant to sell their products online. At the same time, China has become the world's leading fashion-consuming country since 2019. [...]

Lost in translation: when Western brands fail to understand China

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“The 19th century belonged to England, the 20th century belonged to the U.S., and the 21st century belongs to China. Invest accordingly.” With this statement, Warren Buffet emphasized how the United States lost its edge, and how it all benefits China, who has opened up to foreign investments and enterprises. With its 1.3 billion consumers, [...]

Le feu d’artifices de drones du nouvel an de Shanghai

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  Le 31 décembre 2019, les médias du monde entier ont relayé des images spectaculaires d’un show visuel sur le Bund à Shanghai. Selon les images, 2 000 drones dansaient dans le ciel surplombant les gratte-ciels du quartier d’affaires de la ville, créant un spectacle magique pour les spectateurs. Les drones, pilotés par ordinateur et [...]