26 09, 2017

A Step into Mоbіlе Gaming Induѕtrу іn Chіnа

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A man tried a game called Honor of Kings Shanghai, mid-September, as we walk down the street, a Vape Bar attracts our attention. This unique concept bar, owned by a group of young rich Chinese, astonished my fellows and me. Inside we found a clan of chillers playing on their phones, 5 of them sitting [...]

18 04, 2017

[INFOGRAPHIC] Study in Shanghai: how to learn Chinese

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You just landed and realise that speaking Chinese is a real tool to live here in Shanghai? You are eager to speak Chinese? Here is my favorites apps to learn Chinese on daily basis.   Here are my hints to learn Chinese on a daily basis. Don't hesitate to share your favorites apps or comment below.

27 03, 2017

Focus sur Lei Jun, fondateur de Xiaomi Corp

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Deuxième article de cette nouvelle série ayant pour focus les success story chinoise, nous allons tenter d’en savoir plus sur Lei Jun, le fondateur d’une compagnie disruptive dans le marché des Smartphones premium mais pas que ! L’histoire de Lei Jun, fondateur de Xiaomi Corp Il est né à Xiantao, dans la province [...]

22 03, 2017

We tried Starbucks innovative social gifting through WeChat

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A new discovery to the WeChat wallet is the innovative concept of social gifting, implemented by coffee industry leaders, Starbucks. Now people can chat, pay, order a taxi and offer a drink on a single application, WeChat. Where as in the US, consumers use four different apps; Uber, WhatsApp, Apple Pay and Starbucks Apps, [...]

21 02, 2017

Chinese Millennials on their mobile

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Millennials are the most important part of the population to follow and target nowadays. They represent young people aged from 16 to 35 years old. We can subdivide them into two groups to better target them: the smartphone generation (16-25 yo) and the internet generation (26-35 yo). Chinese Millennials In China, Millennials are particularly important [...]

17 02, 2017


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WECHAT : L’ARRIVÉE DES MINI-PROGRAMMES En septembre 2016, Tencent annonçait l’arrivée des mini-programmes (ou mini-Apps) sur l’application Wechat. Une fonctionnalité qui permet aux utilisateurs d’accéder à des applications intégrées qui ne nécessitent aucun téléchargement ni installation. Pour Lu Zhenwang, PDG de Wanqing Consultancy : « le lancement de ces mini-Apps pourra résoudre certains des problèmes causés par [...]

10 02, 2017

The virtual Hongbao war in China

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As you have probably noticed, Chinese New Year started two weeks ago, and after all the celebrations, the big family dinners, fireworks and parties, it's now time to talk about numbers. Every New Year Eve, as a tradition, Chinese people offers Hongbao (红包) meaning ''red envelopes'' containing lucky money to family and friends, but due [...]

8 02, 2017

La Chine à l’heure de l’économie collaborative

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Premier exportateur et seconde puissance économique de la planète, la Chine est devenue par elle même un acteur incontournable de la scène économique mondiale ! L'Empire du milieu fait désormais la course en tête dans le domaine de l'innovation et des nouvelles technologies. Impossible donc d'ignorer ce marché stratégique et porteur qui pourrait [...]

5 02, 2017

Messaging Revolution: The Race for online Acquisition

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    What are these private platforms? Why are they so popular? And what are the main opportunities for brands?    Private Platforms and Users Private platforms are mobile applications that give to user the total control of what they want to share and to who. This can include various types of messaging apps such as [...]

31 01, 2017

Music Experience in China: Tencent, unstoppable leader

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You are a music lover, a melomaniac? So am I and here is my experience with music in China. You will quickly notice you have to change your Western habits and download other apps to stream music. Indeed, unless you connect via a VPN, YouTube isn’t available and no neither are Deezer, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Pandora. Though, TIDAL [...]