1 06, 2020

New Retail: convenience over data privacy?

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Retail is evolving to adapt to consumers’ expectations, and that often means bringing digital elements into their stores. Digitizing the customer experience indeed seems to be the key to offer the “three C’s” to consumers: customer centricity, convenience, and customization.  In China, New Retail has proven that modern technologies and data can enable merchants to [...]

22 05, 2020

Digital, an invisible bond that (re)unites

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It is in November 2019 that the COVID-19 virus started his journey, in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Since then, this global pandemic has disrupted the world order and caused numerous tragic deaths, forcing governments and people to rethink fundamentally their way of doing things. Professional and personal lives had to be reinvented, taking into [...]

8 03, 2020

Comment obtenir son QR code santé Shanghai ?

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Depuis quelques jours, à l'entrée de certains centres commerciaux, restaurants et résidences notre QR Code Santé Shanghai nous est demandé. Si vous ne voulez pas être refusé à l’entrée de votre restaurant favori (comme l’un de nous) suivez ce tutoriel simple pour obtenir votre QR code de couleur à Shanghai. Ce QR code mis à [...]

27 02, 2020

TAC, le podcast Tech, Actu et Chine !

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Avec la nouvelle année, je me suis lancé le défi de tenir un Podcast hebdomadaire. Et c'est avec grand plaisir que je vous présente TAC, le podcast Tech, Actu et Chine. Vivre à Shanghai en ce moment offre beaucoup de temps libre, et c'était exactement ce qu'il me fallait !   C'est quoi exactement ? [...]

21 01, 2020

Chinese pop culture becoming mainstream thanks to iQiyi.

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  Iqiyi is one of the 3 most popular video platforms in China. The company wishes to strengthen its influence on Chinese Pop-culture Trends through its new reality show FOURTRY. FOURTRY a new reality show: This fashion reality show is about a group of Chinese celebrities (Angelababy, Kris Wu, Wilber Pan, Jinmai Zhao, and Fox) [...]

5 06, 2019

WeChat, over the Europe conquest

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Discover how WeChat is conquering Europe See as being the essential marketing tool in China in the following article named: "WeChat, the future of Social CRM". We can also see that WeChat is gaining more and more market shares internationally and exerts its influence especially in Europe. But where does this trend come from? How [...]

5 06, 2019

WeChat, the future of Social CRM

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Discover 5 S-CRM features through WeChat   1.WeChat global ecosystem Today China has 1.39 billion inhabitants. Of whom, over a billion are considered as daily active users of WeChat. The application is also the country's largest social network and maybe soon, from the world. To compare, the Western giant Facebook which covers several continents has [...]

15 03, 2019

Facebook wants but can’t be Wechat

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A few days ago, The Verge released an article explaining Facebook wants to be WeChat. Mark Zuckerberg announces Facebook shifts its focus from a series of social apps to one-stop shop messaging service. Tencent’s WeChat, the largest social network in China, already combines all these functionalities and keeps developing new features. The main purposes are [...]

12 03, 2019

Utiliser Didi (滴滴出行) sans télécharger l’app

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Cet article va vous permettre d'avoir accès à Didi en moins d’une minute sur votre téléphone (via WeChat). Cette application est la version chinoise de Uber. Elle permet de se déplacer dans les « grandes » villes en Chine. C’est devenu un indispensable pour toute personne qui souhaite circuler en ville en voiture. Didi propose aux usagers [...]