2 05, 2017

Focus sur Ma Huateng, fondateur de Tencent

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C'est le premier d'une mini-série de 3 articles sur les grandes réussites des fondateurs du BAT, Baidu Alibaba & Tencent, au sein d'une série d'articles plus large traitant des parcours de réussites en Chine. Cet article est consacré à un personnage éminemment important en Chine, Ma Huateng, le fondateur de Tencent. Les débuts [...]

27 03, 2017

Focus sur Lei Jun, fondateur de Xiaomi Corp

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Deuxième article de cette nouvelle série ayant pour focus les success story chinoise, nous allons tenter d’en savoir plus sur Lei Jun, le fondateur d’une compagnie disruptive dans le marché des Smartphones premium mais pas que ! L’histoire de Lei Jun, fondateur de Xiaomi Corp Il est né à Xiantao, dans la province [...]

22 03, 2017

We tried Starbucks innovative social gifting through WeChat

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A new discovery to the WeChat wallet is the innovative concept of social gifting, implemented by coffee industry leaders, Starbucks. Now people can chat, pay, order a taxi and offer a drink on a single application, WeChat. Where as in the US, consumers use four different apps; Uber, WhatsApp, Apple Pay and Starbucks Apps, [...]

10 02, 2017

The virtual Hongbao war in China

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As you have probably noticed, Chinese New Year started two weeks ago, and after all the celebrations, the big family dinners, fireworks and parties, it's now time to talk about numbers. Every New Year Eve, as a tradition, Chinese people offers Hongbao (红包) meaning ''red envelopes'' containing lucky money to family and friends, but due [...]

31 01, 2017

Music Experience in China: Tencent, unstoppable leader

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You are a music lover, a melomaniac? So am I and here is my experience with music in China. You will quickly notice you have to change your Western habits and download other apps to stream music. Indeed, unless you connect via a VPN, YouTube isn’t available and no neither are Deezer, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Pandora. Though, TIDAL [...]

25 01, 2017

Challenges of E-Commerce in China with Thibault Villet

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La French Tech Shanghai invited Thibault Villet, co-founder of a famous Chinese e-commerce platform, to share his experience on Chinese e-commerce and how he experienced 11/11 (single's day). is a Chinese platform doing flash sales for luxury and fashion goods, from high-end brands such as Armani, Michael Kors or Lancôme. Founded in 2010 [...]

25 01, 2017

Les Gafa sont morts, vive les Gafabat !

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LES GAFA SONT MORTS, VIVE LES GAFABAT GAFA :  ce doux acronyme ne doit pas vous être étranger. Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon. Ils ont révolutionné votre quotidien à travers leurs plateformes et espaces numériques devenue incontournables voir omniscients. Pour certains, entreprises de génie, pour d’autres le côté obscur de la force, ces GAFA restent [...]

19 01, 2017

O2O, A Revolution Led by China

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Western countries have always led innovation in retail. Today China is leading with Alibaba being ranked second world’s most valuable retail brand in 2016. To understand the state China consumption, we can look at the 10.6 % YoY increase of the consumer trade revenue (August 2016). This opportunity is leading to a lot of competition. It is forcing prominent [...]

16 01, 2017

Alibaba, la nouvelle vitrine mondiale qui fait trembler Amazon

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  Alibaba, Tmall, Taobao... En Europe, ces quelques grands noms du e-commerce chinois ne nous sont pas encore très familiers. Mais cela ne saurais tarder ! Alors que la France se positionne à la 6ème place sur le marché du e-commerce, la Chine est devenue le leader mondial devant les États-Unis et le Royaume-Uni. Avec [...]

14 12, 2016

WECHAT: From the Messaging App to the Super App

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Forget Facebook, Whatsapp or even Skype, you can have all their functionalities and far more by using Wechat.   If you never heard of Wechat, it is a Chinese smartphone application release in 2011 by the Chinese tech group Tencent. At first, the platform was a messaging app, allowing people to talk and share information [...]