5 06, 2019

WeChat, the future of Social CRM

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Discover 5 S-CRM features through WeChat   1.WeChat global ecosystem Today China has 1.39 billion inhabitants. Of whom, over a billion are considered as daily active users of WeChat. The application is also the country's largest social network and maybe soon, from the world. To compare, the Western giant Facebook which covers several continents has [...]

5 03, 2019

The Artificial Intelligence to serve CRM

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    Today, I would like to share my experience as CRM Project Manager for an e-commerce website. And tell you in what, Artificial Intelligence could have been useful in my internship.     My business objective defined by my company focused on three main missions in CRM. The Costumer Relationship Management, is a combination of devices, operations and supports to optimizing customer relations, customer loyalty and maximizing margins. Initially, I had to [...]