27 09, 2019

Cryptomonnaies : Vers un digital Renminbi ?

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Cryptomonnaie : La Chine se dirige-elle vers un digital Renminbi ? En août 2019, la banque centrale Chinoise a surpris le monde économique et tous les observateurs. En effet, elle affirme chercher à émettre sa propre cryptomonnaie (le renminbi digital). C'est vrai, selon le directeur adjoint de la division des paiements et du règlement de [...]

14 04, 2018

ICO : La nouvelle méthode de levée de fond 3.0

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7 04, 2018

[INFOGRAPHIC] Are ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) legal ?

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ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, are one of the big trends in cryptocurrency these days. Like many digital disruptive innovation, the legal framework can be sometimes a little blurry. So how to know where it is legal ? Can I advertise my ICO ? Learn these and more in this infographic ! Infographic on [...]

6 04, 2018

[Infographic] Current ICO regulation worldwide

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The ICO regulation worldwide in 2018 In 2017, the different Initial Coin Offers (ICO) operations raised $5.6 billion, mainly due to the visibility of the Bitcoins and of the other cryptocurrencies. The financial entities directly started to investigate this movement and try to regulate it to avoid a speculative bubble. You will find in the next [...]

6 04, 2018

[INFOGRAPHIC] A Complete Guide to ICOs

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Everywhere nowadays we hear the terms IPO, ICO, tokens, and blockchain. But what does any of this mean? There are so many articles on this, but the information is many times unclear for a beginner to ICOs. Here is a complete guide to ICOs, including everything from what it is, a bit of history, the [...]

5 04, 2018

ICO : Entre risques et révolution

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Qu'est ce que l'ICO ? Quels en sont les enjeux, les risques ? Pourquoi parle t-on de révolution ? Toutes les réponses à vos questions se trouvent ici !   Vous en voulez plus ? Faites un tour sur les infographies ci-dessous !   À lire aussi : Du même auteur [...]

4 04, 2018

ICO : A Guide to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

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ICO market has grown very rapidly in recent months and has been a new avenue for blockchain community. Introduction to the Token Sales (ICO) : What is a token? How is the market ? Underlying characteristic of ICOs with this infographic : […]

4 04, 2018

Initial Coin Offering (ICO): history and evolution

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Initial Coin Offering Initial Coin Offering can be hard to grasp… Understand through this infographic the major events in the creation of ICO as well as its evolution up to 2018. […]

2 04, 2018

Decrypting the Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

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You may have heard about Initial Coin Offering, as known as ICO, but what is it? Where does it comes from? What utility? Find more about it in this detailed infographic!

25 01, 2018

Sympathy for Mr. Blockchain : The Digital Identity

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  Blockchain is known for being a system behind cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ether ( the cryptocurrencies generated by Ethereum), yet this technology may have other uses than just a financial instrument. But first, what’s a blockchain? Created by Satoshi Nakamoto blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, digital ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. It’s a constantly [...]