1 06, 2020

New Retail: convenience over data privacy?

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Retail is evolving to adapt to consumers’ expectations, and that often means bringing digital elements into their stores. Digitizing the customer experience indeed seems to be the key to offer the “three C’s” to consumers: customer centricity, convenience, and customization.  In China, New Retail has proven that modern technologies and data can enable merchants to [...]

12 02, 2020

Quelle plateforme e-commerce pour vendre son vin en Chine?

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Quelle plateforme e-commerce pour vendre son vin en Chine? Aujourd’hui, l’écosystème digital en Chine se divise entre 3 gros acteurs: les BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent). En 2002, la Chine comptait 12 millions d'utilisateurs d'Internet. En Janvier 2019, le nombre total d'utilisateurs d'Internet en Chine atteignait 802 millions de personnes. Il est alors fondamental de comprendre [...]

7 11, 2019

What is Alibaba’s Singles Day?

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Alibaba’s Singles Day is the world's largest shopping event of the year. Organized every year by Alibaba on the November 11th in China, the singles day generates more than US Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined in only 24 hours. But how did it start and how does Alibaba make so much money on this [...]

22 03, 2019

Why Gamification Is A Necessity For Luxury Brands To “Level-Up”

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Luxury brands don’t play when it comes to their marketing strategies "Dior Eyes" VR headset by Digitas LBI (2015) With China now being the largest market for gaming and luxury, they need to consider the environmental factors that could help them better understand their target customers and increase their performance benefits. Gamification consists [...]

6 03, 2019

How is e-commerce in China different from the West?

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How is Chinese e-commerce different from Western countries?   In China there are 800 million internet users, which is more than the total population of Europe, and more than the total internet users of the US and Europe COMBINED! 98% of them use a smartphone. That is more than double of the total USA population. [...]

23 04, 2018

Le futur du supermarché

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C’est en Chine, un pays ou le commerce mobile a pris une énorme part dans le quotidien de sa population, qu’Auchan et Alibaba ont décidé d’innover en révolutionnant le commerce offline. On entre ici dans l’ère du phygital où muni d’un smartphone, tout devient possible ! Nous avons visité ces deux supermarchés et vous en [...]

18 03, 2018

Hema, le supermarché du futur by Alibaba

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‘Easy pay, Easy Select, Easy Enjoy’ Le géant de l’e commerce chinois, Alibaba, a décidé d’ouvrir ses frontières et de se lancer dans le commerce « traditionnel ». Bien entendu rien n’est réellement traditionnel quand on parle du géant et de son CEO Jack Ma ! Lancé en Mars 2015, les supermarchés Hema révolutionnent le commerce Offline. On [...]

17 01, 2018

The world’s biggest Starbucks

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The 6th of December 2017, Starbucks opened his bigger shop around the world in Shanghai. It’s called the ‘Reserve Roastery’ and it’s located on West Nanjing Road (Nanjing Xi Lu) a really famous and touristic street in Shanghai.   STARBUCKS IN CHINA Starbucks came in China in 1999 but their success wasn’t [...]

29 12, 2017

Retail revolution: car vending machines in China

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Buying a car becoming as easy as buying a can of Coke, sounds amazing, right? Well, that’s a crazy experience you’ll be able to enjoy very soon in China. Indeed, China’s online shopping giant Alibaba announced recently that they will open several Tmall cat-shaped vending machines dedicated to cars in 2018. This project has been [...]