17 12, 2019

Shanghai Observed Interview

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ShanghaiObserved For my first article, I wanted to interview one of the most famous and funny accounts in Shanghai. Maybe you know which one I’m talking about? As a western person, you must have heard about him. He posts authentic and funny photos about Shanghai residents. He takes unique pictures of Chinese daily life and [...]

3 03, 2018

Healthy Eating in Shanghai

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Healthy Eating in Shanghai Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet in Shanghai, is hard, but not impossible. There are a plethora of restaurants that cater to various diets including to the vegetarian, vegan, and (rarely) the gluten-free diet. However, constantly going out to eat is quite expensive, and the receipts will build up quickly in your [...]

9 02, 2017

Chinese e-commerce strategy: E-marketplace, Social e-commerce or own website?

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China is the biggest e-commerce market in the world and is set to grow by 15 per cent by 2020. The massive arrival of smartphones and tablets in China quickly enabled 76% of connected Chinese to make purchases via their mobile. This internet penetration linked to the mobile equipment will boom in rural China in [...]

8 02, 2017

La Chine à l’heure de l’économie collaborative

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Premier exportateur et seconde puissance économique de la planète, la Chine est devenue par elle même un acteur incontournable de la scène économique mondiale ! L'Empire du milieu fait désormais la course en tête dans le domaine de l'innovation et des nouvelles technologies. Impossible donc d'ignorer ce marché stratégique et porteur qui pourrait prendre [...]

19 01, 2017

O2O, A Revolution Led by China

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Western countries have always led innovation in retail. Today China is leading with Alibaba being ranked second world’s most valuable retail brand in 2016. To understand the state China consumption, we can look at the 10.6 % YoY increase of the consumer trade revenue (August 2016). This opportunity is leading to a lot of competition. It is forcing prominent [...]

16 01, 2017

Alibaba, la nouvelle vitrine mondiale qui fait trembler Amazon

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  Alibaba, Tmall, Taobao... En Europe, ces quelques grands noms du e-commerce chinois ne nous sont pas encore très familiers. Mais cela ne saurais tarder ! Alors que la France se positionne à la 6ème place sur le marché du e-commerce, la Chine est devenue le leader mondial devant les États-Unis et le Royaume-Uni. Avec [...]