29 12, 2019

Starting a company in Shanghai: The interview of Romain, co-funder of EEXAR

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Starting a company in Shanghai: The interview of Romain, co-founder of EEXAR     At only 24 years-old, Romain Dessain-Gelinet left France to start his Augmented Reality company in Shanghai with his co-founder Nicolas Letendrie. The start-up called EEXAR was initially a student project. Ex-student from a French Business School, Romain explains why Nicolas and [...]

29 12, 2019

Disney Shanghai Resort ou le parc de la démesure

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  Disney Shanghai Resort ou le parc de la démesure     Petit dernier de la famille Disney, Shanghai Disney Resort a ouvert ses portes le 16 juin 2016 en Chine. En presque 15 ans, aucun parc Disney n’avait ouvert depuis celui de Hong Kong en 2005. Il est ainsi le 6 ème parc de la [...]

17 12, 2019

Shanghai Observed Interview

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ShanghaiObserved For my first article, I wanted to interview one of the most famous and funny accounts in Shanghai. Maybe you know which one I’m talking about? As a western person, you must have heard about him. He posts authentic and funny photos about Shanghai residents. He takes unique pictures of Chinese daily life and [...]

28 11, 2019

Centre Pompidou in Shanghai

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BREAKING NEWS! The French President Emmanuel Macron not only visited Shanghai to discuss trade and climate agreements, he also inaugurated the first branch outside Europe of the Centre Pompidou. Cocorico! Centre Pompidou x West Bund Museum Project This project which is called Centre Pompidou x West Bund Museum is a partnership between the West Bund Group [...]

1 06, 2019

Happy Valley – Shanghai amusement park for small budget!

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When talking about amusement parks in Shanghai, Disneyland is often the first to be mentioned. However, it is not the only one in this park category in Shanghai! Happy Valley is a theme park specializing in roller-coasters.   How to get there: Located in the South-West of Shanghai, you will need an hour to get [...]

1 06, 2019

 The Umbrellas Market – The Chinese Traditional Tinder

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If you take a walk on a Sunday afternoon around People Square in Shanghai, it is highly likely that you will come across this surprising market. The umbrellas market.   What is it?     As its name evokes, this place is covered with umbrellas. However, they are not the ones who attract all the [...]

7 05, 2019

L’impact de la NBA en Chine

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  Parmi les 4 grandes ligues américaines, la NBA est très certainement celle qui a le plus d’exposition et de rayonnement à l’international. Cela s’exprime directement au sein de la ligue, avec des joueurs de toutes nationalités. Cela s’exprime également en dehors, que ce soit en Europe ou en Asie. Mais en ce qui concerne [...]

30 04, 2019

Infographie :  Cuisiner & manger français à Shanghai

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A Shanghai, il n'est pas difficile de trouver des aliments français, comme vous pouvez le voir sur cette infographie. A savoir que tous les supermarchés indiqués livrent directement chez vous et dans un temps record ! 1_ Les magasins : CityShop, CitySuper et Ole’ Supermarket sont des supermarchés classiques qui proposent un large choix de produits importés. Ils ressemblent [...]

10 04, 2019

The arcades craze in Shanghai

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Even though you are a young adult or a grown man, we all have a kid we once were inside of us and enjoy childish activities. In that sense, Shanghai is an awesome place to reveal the kid inside of you. In fact, there are a great number of arcades places and it is also [...]

8 04, 2019

Les meilleurs speakeasies à Shanghaï et comment y entrer

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Shanghaï raffole de ces endroits secrets ; voici une shortlist des meilleurs speakeasies et comment y entrer. Le speakeasy, anglicisme charmant, est un bar caché. Initialement clandestin durant le temps de la Prohibition américaine, ce type de rendez-vous court à présent les rues pour réunir les branchés ou amateurs de subtiles saveurs. On y sert généralement des cocktails [...]