9 04, 2021

New digital currencies: innovations all around the world

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With the acceleration of digital technology, humanity is moving towards an increasingly digital and dematerialised world. One of the key factors is the development of 100% digital currencies.   The idea of digital currencies has been around for years, most notably with crypto currencies, including Bitcoin launched in 2009. A crypto currency is a digital [...]

11 01, 2021

Cryptocurrency: between speculative madness and promising technology

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Cryptocurrency: between speculative madness and promising technology In October 2017 I decided to buy some cryptocurrencies after it showed signs of rapid growth. 3 months later the bitcoin was on its way to reaching20k dollars, my 100€ investment then had doubled, and I decided to sell everything. Shortly after the bitcoin had its first course [...]

27 09, 2019

Cryptomonnaies : Vers un digital Renminbi ?

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Cryptomonnaie : La Chine se dirige-elle vers un digital Renminbi ? En août 2019, la banque centrale Chinoise a surpris le monde économique et tous les observateurs. En effet, elle affirme chercher à émettre sa propre cryptomonnaie (le renminbi digital). C'est vrai, selon le directeur adjoint de la division des paiements et du règlement de [...]