21 01, 2020

Chinese pop culture becoming mainstream thanks to iQiyi.

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  Iqiyi is one of the 3 most popular video platforms in China. The company wishes to strengthen its influence on Chinese Pop-culture Trends through its new reality show FOURTRY. FOURTRY a new reality show: This fashion reality show is about a group of Chinese celebrities (Angelababy, Kris Wu, Wilber Pan, Jinmai Zhao, and Fox) [...]

27 03, 2019

Why Is China on the Lookout for the Global Music Market?

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- QQMusic screenshot - In the world’s second-largest economy the music business is definitely not left behind. China has quickly turned around its music business practices in the last few years and started to reveal its potential to the world. In last year’s Global Music Report (IFPI, 2018), China was ranked for the [...]

12 01, 2018

Shanghai’s undergound clubs and how to find them

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    Chinese clubs can be really disturbing for people arriving in Shanghai. It seems that most of the clubs are just huge commercial clubs with a lot of tables, some questionable EDM and a dancefloor as big as a postage stamp... Fortunately, some Shanghai's underground clubs are hosting good DJs with various alternative kind of [...]

6 04, 2017

Virtual Reality + Virtual Band = ♥ Gorillaz’s new success

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The music industry is not, let says, the best in terme of new technologies. Since the bluetooth speaker and the online streaming player like Spotify or Deezer no more big innovations. But something happened on march 23rd, the first 360 degree virtual reality video clip were launched on Youtube by the Britain band Gorillaz. The [...]

31 01, 2017

Music Experience in China: Tencent, unstoppable leader

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You are a music lover, a melomaniac? So am I and here is my experience with music in China. You will quickly notice you have to change your Western habits and download other apps to stream music. Indeed, unless you connect via a VPN, YouTube isn’t available and no neither are Deezer, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Pandora. Though, TIDAL [...]