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Chinese pop culture becoming mainstream thanks to iQiyi.


Iqiyi is one of the 3 most popular video platforms in China. The company wishes to strengthen its influence on Chinese Pop-culture Trends through its new reality show FOURTRY.

FOURTRY a new reality show:

This fashion reality show is about a group of Chinese celebrities (Angelababy, Kris Wu, Wilber Pan, Jinmai Zhao, and Fox) running a pop-up store in Tokyo. They will not only manage the store but also they will be in charge of the storage (items selection), take care of the marketing plan (visual merchandising) to promote “Chinese trendiest style” which includes big international brands like The North Face, Puma X Balmain, Gucci, Jaccquemus but also a lot of Chinese brands such as 8ON8 Cheese, a.t Between, Studious Tokyo, Private Policy, Feiyou….etc
The show allows us to understand what is e-commerce entertainment and why it’s one of the new marketing trends.
Everything you see on the show can be bought on the global purchase platform Aomygod.

You may wonder how the show was born:

It’s quite simple, the producers behind Fourtry, also produced “The rap of China” (based on the Korean TV show “Show me the money”). It’s a contest where amateur rappers or upcoming rappers are showcasing their talents during rap performances and live rap battles to win the show.
So the producers noticed that the fans of the show were interested in the clothes each artist was wearing. As one of the comments said: “The rap of China is poisonous, right? Those trending products recommended by them are impressive but not available”. So they decided to create Fourtry to market their product without a middle man, with the help of Kris Wu and Wilber Pan who were judges on the rap of China and known as “the rice cracker brothers”.

Moreover Fourtry, Iqiyi decided to launch supplementary content related to show such as comics, mobile games…and pop-up stores across China where you will find products made in collaboration with Chinese brands (also available online).

Where to watch them:

Fourtry: the first episode aired December 6 and is available on YouTube with English subtitles. If you want more episodes, you can have access to 4 of them on the IQIYI app.
The rap of China: season 1 to 3 are available on the Iqiyi app, Rakuten Viki and YouTube.

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