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Spotify Key Statistics of 2023

Spotify is an audio streaming platform founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. In a short period, Spotify has become the most favorite streamer in the world. Indeed, with its personalized playlists and music recommendations, they make the most to create the most personalized experience for its users. Down below you can find an infographic about Spotify key statistics of 2023.

Spotify Key Statistics of 2023

Spotify has also seen its numbers increase thanks to its latest campaign: Spotify Wrapped 2023.

According to Pathmatics, the streaming platform spent nearly $70 million on advertising in 2022, more than in 2021 where they spent $66 million.

Also, Kantar reports that from January to September of 2022, Spotify spent nearly $36 million on advertising, slightly down from the $46 million spent in 2021. However, the decrease in investing didn’t impact Spotify’s results as they are getting better every year.


Demand Stage – Spotify Stats 2023

Why Spotify makes Wrapped its annual marketing moment

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