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Infographic : The Chinese digital music industry

The Chinese digital music industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world. However, it has had its shares of controversies and lived through major piracy outbreaks. So how did the industry manage to come back stronger and more innovative than ever ?

The industry was once crawling under online piracy, with the traffic of illegal and unlicensed online MP3 files. Before the infamous Sword Net Action, operation meant to control and slow down counterfeit goods and IP infringements in 2010, 99% of China’s digital music was pirated. In 2015, the operation extended to unlicensed songs and 2.2 million were removed from the internet. Following those measure, the industry was quick to adapt and lived a 113.2% growth that same year.

Get a closer look in figures in one of China’s most promising industry in my infographic on LinkedIN.

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