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How to immerse yourself into Chinese culture through 3 historical dramas!

Most of you might wonder what a drama is. It’s simply a Chinese TV show. According to me, the best video platforms are Iqiyi, Tencent video, Youku because of their content. They also have a YouTube account that allows you to follow their most recent release even if you are oversea.

Here, 3 historical dramas that allow you to understand Chinese culture:

Rise of the Phoenixes

The show is about the friendship between Ning Yi an unfavoured prince and Feng Zhi Wei the niece of an official with a mysterious past who cross-dress as a man. This drama is a chess game between the emperor, princes, and supporters of the previous dynasty for the throne.

It’s a Netflix drama from 2018, it has 70 episodes.  Even though the show was a success for Netflix, it was a flop in China due to the ancient Chinese language used and its slow pace.

PS: I loved it and highly recommend it! It’s my favorite Chinese drama! 


Story of Yanxi Palace

The story is about Wei Ying Luo, a bold and fearless girl who finds her way into the Forbidden City to investigate the death of her older sister who was a maid. While investigating her sister’s murder, she gets entangled in the palace conspiracy and inner fight between the concubines for the love of the emperor.

The drama was the most popular drama of 2018. If you want to watch it, it’s available on YouTube and VIKI Rakuten and it has 70 episodes.

PS: I enjoyed this one, the female lead was ahead of her time!! 



Royal Nirvana

The plot revolves around the crown prince Xiao Ding Quan yearning for the love of his father while facing numerous enemies. Such as his brother who is ready to conspire against him for the throne or his lover who seeks vengeance after he killed her father!

If you are right now in Shanghai, you may have seen the teaser in the subway. The show is currently airing. It has 60 episodes and it’s available on YouTube.

PS: Only 7 episodes are out but the plot and actors are quite good!


These dramas are highly entertaining but they teach you about Chinese culture, Confucianism and values such as filial piety, which is the respect of the elders of your family and your ancestors. A value that is recurrent in these 3 TV shows.

Are you ready to spend 200 hours immersing yourself in Chinese historical dramas?


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Thank you for the advice ! You make me quite curious about “Story of Yanxi Palace”, have to watch it asap !

Thank you, now I know what I’m going to do this weekend ! I never watched a Chinese drama only Korean and Japanese ones

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