Are you in China? Do you plan to go soon? It is maybe the moment to try something else, or, be curious. Let’s go into something that we do not know or rather than, we think we know.

How much time each day are you seeing some “solutions” to feel better, to be better? In the street, in the subway, on the TV, on the internet, today, society is telling you to get better.

Yeah, we know!! The new vague, the new trend of these last years is “the healthy.” You hear your friends, your mom, your friends of friends…in short; people want to be healthy. They want to feel right about themselves.

So yes, now that you don’t feel good about yourself, you have plenty of solutions! All these companies are talking about different type of diet or different way to work out, what you need to do ? or don’t do? Or you can do? SO COMPLICATED!
You put so many efforts in something that, in the end, you don’t even remember why you began!

Firstly, before beginning anything, it can be good to understand what you are doing.
In China, traditional medicine is about that. I am not going to talk about a miracle solution; but, can we stop two seconds and think about something reasonable?
Let’s “scratch the surface ” you will see, you will maybe understand it, and it will perhaps give you another way to think.

During my first month in Shanghai, I was sick. Therefore, I went to see a doctor, but, this time, I tried traditional medicine. I asked several questions, and she answered me that before anything, I have to consider traditional Chinese medicine as prevention.

” If you are doing Chinese preventive medicine you will never really need to use it as a solution. “

This way of thinking is pretty interesting and maybe help you to have a new vision.

> The Well-Being Philosophy

The philosophy of this medicine has been based on the relationship between human life and the natural laws of the environment. The goal of all it, is being in perfect harmony.

In the book, Huang-di Nei-jing (Yellow Emperor’s book), it is explained that human life is closely related to the “mother nature.” Thus, harmony is the way to preserve human life from diseases.

Chinese have identified four substances essential to this harmony:

  •  “The Essence” :

    It is considered as the primary energy. This one allows growth and development. We can count two kinds of essences in us:
    – the natural essence.
    – the essence acquired.

  •  “The Qi” :

    It is considered as life energy. This one expresses itself by the movement. “The Qi” gives the pulse in the heart of beating.

  •  “The Blood”:

    This one completes “The Qi.” To understand well; we say that “The Blood” is nourishing “The Qi” and “The Qi” is what sets”The Blood” in motion.

  • “The psyche”:

    Simply represents the conscience.

After this little technical part, let’s come back about what we want. I think, in the end, we want all the same thing; The longevity.

The consequence of well-being is longevity and old age. Chinese medicine is focused on this point. How to live long?

Chinese medicine’s report is, therefore, today, human longevity is determined by the diseases that we can have but also the adverse conditions of life.
Consequently, firstly, to preserve well-being is very important, but also to restore the health if need be the two essential things to reach good longevity.

Now that you get the philosophy of the Chinese well-being, you maybe will try to know more, and how that way of thinking can benefit you in your everyday life.