We are expecting 33 million Chinese tourists in 2022 (Le Monde). Finally, they will come back with an aspiration of freedom and most certainly an intention to spend. If you are looking for a solution to develop your business and diversify, you have to think seriously about it. In 2014, 2,2 million Chinese spent around 3,5 Billion USD in France. An interesting fact is, they aren’t only traveling in Paris and Île-de-France. They came in Normandy, French Riviera, in Pays de la Loire (daxueconseil). Throughout this article, you will see some tools like WeChat Pay and AliPay to help them have a great trip. Yet, the main idea you have to retain is empathy. What would you do in their shoes?

Last tip before you go, we advise you to get to know the most powerful Chinese recommendation tool: Dianping. Thanks for reading, I hope this infographic will help you to start 2023 with the right experience at the right time. If you are a retailer, I also friendly recommend you this article about the social commerce, a practice already well established in China.

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