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The best online art platforms

What are the best online art platforms?


In my last article, I’ve covered why online art platforms are democratizing art. Today, I would like to complete this analysis of online art by sharing the platforms you need to know.

I tried to diversify their origins to have an overview of what’s going on around the world and decided to select only independent platforms. These online art platforms are not created by major auction houses like Christie’s or international art galleries like Gagosian. If you are or want to become an online art buyer, try these online art platforms.


  1. Artjeff: social media auctions (China)


    Artjeff app china auction              ArtJeff wechat art sales

    Source: 1. Artjeff App  – 2. Artjeff WeChat group discussion


    As I am currently living in China, I was particularly willing to discover more about the Chinese online art landscape. And I found Artjeff by a miracle (or maybe not). But I thought it was a very good example because they are selling on WeChat, the 5th leading social media platform in the world, as well as on their own App.

    Since it was founded by Hu Hu in 2014, Artjeff is making day and evening online art auctions directly on WeChat. The contemporary art pieces are seriously selected and not coming only from Chinese but also from Western and other Asian artists.

    It is simple, ArtJeff posts a picture of the artwork in their WeChat group and participants are bidding by adding the amount they are ready to pay directly on the discussion. At the end of the time according to online art sale, ArtJeff receives money from the online art buyer offering the best price.

    They promote their art auctions via their Official WeChat account and have recently launched an App where you can also bid during online art auction sessions as well as discovering some cool artists.



  2. Artsy: the $100.9M online art platform (US)



    artsy online art platform

    Source: Artsy website


    Artsy was founded by Carter Cleveland, an American computer science genius. This platform is not only selling art online but is also a place to discover everything you need to know about art, artists, current trends and much more. It’s an online resource featuring a huge number of artists from painting and design to performance art.

    The algorithms used on this website allow users to discover more artists that you’d love. For example, if you are looking for Picasso, they will propose you some artists related to this request.

    But what about online art sales?  Artsy offers visitors the possibility to buy artworks in different ways: instant purchase, making an offer, bidding and inquire prices. You can register to bid events and offer your price.

    Artsy is considered as one of the biggest online art platforms and has raised a total of $100.9M in funding over 8 rounds. They are supported by a group of investors like the ex-chairman of Google, art collectors, venture capitalists, art dealers… and other international art gallery founders.


  3. Arland: social art market (Denmark)


    artland selling art online

    This online art platform is “a digital social community for art collectors and art lovers that helps you to discover, buy and manage your art collection at a reasonable cost” said Mattis Curt, co-founder of Artland.

    Their mission is to lower the barriers for newcomers to enter the art world as well as connecting art galleries and collectors. Users can ask questions, share their thoughts and communicate on art related subjects.

    In term of business model, they are offering subscription services to allow art galleries to showcase their work. The plus is that they start to pay only when the first artwork is sold to online art buyers.

    Artists can showcase their work but can’t sell directly. They can get in touch with online art galleries and create their own network for potential partnerships.

    As Artsy and Artjeff, Artland is also a way to discover more about artists and the art industry to find inspiration and learn more about what you could potentially buy. It’s a common digital marketing tool in this industry.

  4. Magnus: Shazam for Art (Germany/US)


    magnus shazam for art

    Created by the German economist, entrepreneur and author Magnus Resch, this Shazam for Art App is a very convenient technology. It allows users to scan an artwork and discover all information about the artist, the museum or art gallery where you can find it, its price and some similar pieces of art.

    After taking a picture of a painting, for example, you just have to wait a few seconds or a few minutes and they answer your request. Information is coming from a crowd-sourced database of more than 8 million artworks located in art galleries from NY, London, Paris, and other big cities. In case your artwork is not in the database, an art specialist gives you an answer in the next 10 minutes.

    And good news! It’s free. Magnus Resch told The Art Newspaper “I want to make the art market more accessible. Asking for a price is very annoying, it’s like a beauty contest”.

    In 2018, Leonardo DiCaprio who is also an art collector joined Magnus as an investor and advisor. He said, “I am proud to partner with Magnus as the app continues to educate people everywhere about the art around them”.



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