23 01, 2019

A guide to Shanghai’s Fake Market – Orientation and pricing

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It’s not a secret, the counterfeit manufactures in China copy a lot of goods, and you can find them in touristic cities such as Shanghai. There are many fake markets in Shanghai, but we’ll focus on the main one : the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum’s fake market. Easily accessible with the line 2 (light [...]

6 04, 2018

[INFOGRAPHIC] A Complete Guide to ICOs

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Everywhere nowadays we hear the terms IPO, ICO, tokens, and blockchain. But what does any of this mean? There are so many articles on this, but the information is many times unclear for a beginner to ICOs. Here is a complete guide to ICOs, including everything from what it is, a bit of history, the [...]

25 01, 2018

How to use WeChat Pay ? A guide for newcomers

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China’s digital world is just crazy but (almost) every tool you were using back in your country are different. There are no more Facebook, Instagram, Twitter nor Whatsapp or Messenger to communicate and chat with your friends. Instead in China, they are using one unique app which is called « WeChat ». Basically, you can do everything [...]