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How to use WeChat Pay ? A guide for newcomers

China’s digital world is just crazy but (almost) every tool you were using back in your country are different. There are no more Facebook, Instagram, Twitter nor Whatsapp or Messenger to communicate and chat with your friends. Instead in China, they are using one unique app which is called « WeChat ». Basically, you can do everything on it, you can chat, follow your favorite brands, restaurants, companies, you can share your moments but you are also able to PAY with WeChat !

First of all, we will guide you step by step on how to link your credit card to your account and the different way to use WeChat Pay. If you already have your WeChat account linked to your card, you can directly jump to the part 2 : The Different Ways to use WeChat Pay.

Requirement :

-Obviously a Smartphone, with internet connection

-A Chinese phone number

-A Chinese Credit Card (super easy to do, at any bank, anytime and it takes 20min top)

Part 1 : How to link your card to your account in 5 mins

  1. Open WeChat and go to the “ME” section

2. Click on Wallet then Cards

3. Tap on “+ Add a card”

You can now type your card information. Your name, passport ID and your phone number will be required.

It has to be the name and phone number that your bank has on file.

You will receive a confirmation code by SMS, enter it

Set a 6-digits security password to verify payments. It’s very important, it will be asked everytime you want to pay so you’d better choose an easy one and don’t forget it.

Congrats you just linked your card to your WeChat account!



On your account, you also have a balance which means you can top-up or withdraw from it.

Tap “Balance” and then tap “Top Up” to transfer money from your bank card to your WeChat Balance. Or tap “Withdraw” to do the opposite.

Note: WeChat charges a 0.1% commission when you make a withdrawal.


By linking your credit card to your account, you unlocked another interesting option which is money transfer from your WeChat account to another. You can now easily split the bill at the restaurant or share a taxi for example.

We have divided the payment through WeChat into 3 sections:

Transfer, Receive Money by going dutch (Split Bill), Receive by showing a QR code


There are 3 common ways to transfer money to others.

Transfer to a friend

This first option allows you to send money to a friend you already added. You just have to tap on the « + » on the right and then select « Transfer »

Transfer by scanning QR code

When transacting, people who receive the money will provide you with their WeChat Wallet QR codes. Scan the QR Codes to transfer money.

You will notice that in China, most of the shops, convenience stores, restaurants, bars or nightclubs have a QR code near their cashier, you can scan it and pay directly.

Pay a vendor

If you find this WeChat Pay logo at the cashier or in a store, it is possible for you to pay the vendor by providing your WeChat Pay QR code.

a. Tap “Money” and show the QR code to the cashier.

b. The Cashier will input the amount and scan your code.

c. Your expense will be automatically deducted from your WeChat account.

Double check the amount of money deducted from your WeChat every time after the cashier scans your QR code.

B. Receive money by going dutch

a. Tap “Money”

b. Tap “Split Bill”

c. Tap “Create” then Select a chat group you’d like to split your bill with.

d. Input and tap “Create Now”


a. Tap “Money”

b. Tap Receive Money

c. Show the unique QR code to the one who wants to transfer you money

D. In-App Payment

Thanks to WeChat Pay, you are also able to do In-App purchases. Most of the apps are WeChat friendly which makes the process way easier. There is no need anymore to enter your bank card numbers whenever you want to purchase something.

We invite you to check MBADMB’s tutorials from Pierre Reze about Didi, the Chinese Uber and, the food delivery service.

Congrats, you know everything about WeChat Pay ! You are now ready to send and receive red packets (hongbao). It could be used to show appreciation, to send birthday wishes, to celebrate anniversaries and most important, to send Chinese New Year wishes (by the time we are writing this article, it will come really soon…. February 16th, 2018, remember the date !!).


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