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Current ICO regulation worldwide

The ICO regulation worldwide in 2018

In 2017, the different Initial Coin Offers (ICO) operations raised $5.6 billion, mainly due to the visibility of the Bitcoins and of the other cryptocurrencies.

The financial entities directly started to investigate this movement and try to regulate it to avoid a speculative bubble.

You will find in the next infographic the state of the action taken by the different governments.



Find more infographics about the ICO here






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Flamethrower and 3D road, the futur by Elon Musk

Hans… get the flammenwerfer


It is difficult to not know the tech celebrity Elon Musk. Famous owner of Tesla, creator of the SpaceX project, future Mars conquistador and Hyperloop launcher, Elon’s idea are directly coming from an upcoming century.

But he has been recently well known on the internet for another project: the preparation of a Zombie apocalypse!!!



Ok, maybe not a Zombie apocalypse but the weapon we all need in this case: a low-cost flamethrower!

The Boring Company (TBC) flamethrower is more near to a very big lighter looking like a weapon than an actual flamethrower. It will not help you to burn some Zombies while escaping for your life but it might be useful to start your BBQ and grill some horrible Zombie sausages and burgers (which will probably have a better happy ending than a Zombie apocalypse, let’s be honest).



Elon Musk really did a buzz on the internet with his flamethrower and the sales figures are really impressive. 7,000 flamethrowers were bought on the launching date (January 28th) and all of the 20,000 were sold out on the first of February. Overpriced at 500$, even The Boring Company (TBC) admitted that it was way too expensive on its website with the sentence “You can definitely buy one for less elsewhere.”. Even with this high price, the pre-orders gave to The Boring Company $10M in 4 days.



Why is Elon Musk starting to sale some big badass lighters?


The commercial operation was in reality a fundraising campaign for the real purpose of TBC, drilling holes very quickly for a cheap price in San Francisco. Well, when I say holes it is more of some tunnel with an electric platform offering to cars the possibility to go at 200 km/h in San Francisco. It can be seen as a subway for cars across cities.


Creating electric platforms will offer the possibility to go much more faster thanks to the lack of circulation but also to reduce the costs of the construction of a tunnel with the absence of air filters for the carbon monoxide. It is expected to cross San Francisco in 5 minutes while it usually takes 45 minutes.

TBC is part of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop project for drilling the tunnels but is also part of his vision to create roads in 3D across cities around the world, for faster transports and less pollution.

With this purpose, we can only wish success to this project. I hope to have it quickly in Paris and Shanghai!

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Shanghai’s undergound clubs and how to find them



Chinese clubs can be really disturbing for people arriving in Shanghai. It seems that most of the clubs are just huge commercial clubs with a lot of tables, some questionable EDM and a dancefloor as big as a postage stamp…

Fortunately, some Shanghai’s underground clubs are hosting good DJs with various alternative kind of music from Hip-Hop to Techno with sometimes experimental music. You’ll find below a list of the different underground clubs in town with a small description of them and how to find them.



115 Xingfu Lu,
near Fahuazhen Lu
幸福路115号, 近法华镇路

What kind of music :

Literally a bit of every alternative EDM music. You’ll most probably see some Shanghai-based DJs playing Hip-Hop, House, Techno or some surprising and interesting alternative style. I recommend checking who is playing before going there as some artists are trying new music styles.

Why go there :

The Dada Shanghai is the little brother of the iconic Dada Beijing. It’s a mid-sized club with a lot of blankets, a large bar and a dancefloor always crowded with people moving with the music. The crowd is young with both Chinese and foreigners mixed to create a great vibe. The outdoor space is large and chill and will give you the occasion to meet many people.

How to find it :

Tucked away a back alley at the given address. It is not difficult to find.




Address: 298 Xingfu Lu,
near Pingwu Lu
幸福路298号, 近平武路

What kind of music :

Techno, Tech-House, Trance music

Why go there :

It’s 6am, the club you were in is closing? Don’t worry, our dear Celia is here for those embarrassing situations. With its good sound system, the BPM will keep you awake until breakfast or lunch. The crowd is usually made of foreigners not ready to stop dancing with the daylight. The club is pretty small but the outside seating area will give you the occasion to enjoy the sunshine before going back to dance.

How to find it :

Behind a black door at the given address, not difficult to find.




685 Dingxi Lu,
near Yanan Xi Lu
定西路685号, 近延安西路

What kind of music :

A bit of everything, you can find some Hip-Hop, Raggae, DNB, Chicago House, bad mainstream music and some unclassifiable DJ set. The music there goes from the unlistenable to the unknown absolute genius and future star of Shanghai.

Why go there :

It is more a cheap and dirty bar than a club but it earned its place in this list thanks to the number of raising Shanghai promoters who started there. The bar is full of graffities with many rooms, cheap alcohol, small dancefloor and a delicate smell of vomit in some rooms gives some authenticity to this place. The crowd is mostly Chinese with some foreigners and the vibe will really depend of the quality of the DJ set.

How to find it :

At the address, you will see a hotel with a white corridor next to a bar, you will need to go at the end of this corridor to find the stairs going to the basement.




Dynasty Villa – B18,
851 Hongjing Lu,
near Yan’an Xi Lu
虹井路851号B18栋, 近延安西路

What kind of music :

The mainstage will usually host Techno and Rave music and the upper stage will host different kind of artists playing deep house, house, techno or hip-hop.

Why go there :

If you don’t know If you want to go to a house party or a club, the Mansion is perfect for you. Hosting artists during the week, the house turns into a club during the weekend with a spirit of freedom like in a rave party. The Mansion crew regularly organize festivals in the Mansion or in some completely different places like on the Great Wall of China. The crowd is usually young and foreign and people will stay until late.

How to find it :

You will most probably need to take a cab to the given address and walk on the sidewalk of the main street. Then you will find a hole in the wall and this is the entrance of the Mansion.




4/F, 218 Xinle Lu,
near Donghu Lu
新乐路218号, 近东湖路

What kind of music :

Some very good House, techno, deep house, hip hop, disco

Why go there :

The Elevator is a small club with either local and international guests. The club focus on a quality line-up with a good sound system and lights. You will be able to play ping pongs on the rhythm of the bass during weekdays and dance like never with nice people during the weekend. The crowd is usually mixed Chinese and foreigner.

How to find it :

At the given address go to the 4th floor using the tiny elevator or the stairs.




2F, 17 Xiangyang Bei Lu,
near Changle Lu
襄阳北路17号2楼, 近长乐路

What kind of music :

Techno, House, Hip Hop and experimental music

Why go there :

The All is the continuity of the Shelter (RIP), it is divided between two rooms with a lounge space and a dancefloor. The lounge with the bar and the dancefloor with the DJ table and a large LCD screen. DJs and VJs are taking over the place to create a vibe specific to this place where Chinese and foreigners can enjoy the music together.

Where to find it :

At the given address, just go to the second floor. Not difficult to find.




B1/F, 168 Julu Lu,
near Ruijin Yi Lu
巨鹿路168号B1楼, 近瑞金一路

What kind of music :

Hip-hop, house, disco, techno

Why go there :

The new Arkham is nearly a copy past of the old Arkham in the basement of the famous Found 158. It is probably the most mainstream club of the underground clubs in Shanghai. The club is nice and big with a decent sound system and lights, you’ll surprisingly also find a few VIP rooms, this is really an underground club with Chinese characteristics. You’ll most probably meet Chinese people there with some foreigners.

Where to find it :

In the basement of the Found 158. Not difficult to find.




B1/F, 388 Madang Lu,
near Fuxing Zhong Lu
马当路388号SOHO复兴广场地下1层01室, 近复兴中路

What kind of music :

Techno and house in one room, Hip Hop, R&B and Trap in the second room

Why go there :

With its good sound system and its cassette theme decoration, the Reel to Reel is a place for the Hip Hop aficionados. The place offers two rooms for the techno/house addict and the Hip-hop enthusiast. The crowd is mixed Chinese and foreigners who are ready to dance all night without disturbing the neighborhood.

Where to find it :

In the basement of Fuxing SOHO next to the elevator.