Hans… get the flammenwerfer


It is difficult to not know the tech celebrity Elon Musk. Famous owner of Tesla, creator of the SpaceX project, future Mars conquistador and Hyperloop launcher, Elon’s idea are directly coming from an upcoming century.

But he has been recently well known on the internet for another project: the preparation of a Zombie apocalypse!!!



Ok, maybe not a Zombie apocalypse but the weapon we all need in this case: a low-cost flamethrower!

The Boring Company (TBC) flamethrower is more near to a very big lighter looking like a weapon than an actual flamethrower. It will not help you to burn some Zombies while escaping for your life but it might be useful to start your BBQ and grill some horrible Zombie sausages and burgers (which will probably have a better happy ending than a Zombie apocalypse, let’s be honest).



Elon Musk really did a buzz on the internet with his flamethrower and the sales figures are really impressive. 7,000 flamethrowers were bought on the launching date (January 28th) and all of the 20,000 were sold out on the first of February. Overpriced at 500$, even The Boring Company (TBC) admitted that it was way too expensive on its website with the sentence “You can definitely buy one for less elsewhere.”. Even with this high price, the pre-orders gave to The Boring Company $10M in 4 days.



Why is Elon Musk starting to sale some big badass lighters?


The commercial operation was in reality a fundraising campaign for the real purpose of TBC, drilling holes very quickly for a cheap price in San Francisco. Well, when I say holes it is more of some tunnel with an electric platform offering to cars the possibility to go at 200 km/h in San Francisco. It can be seen as a subway for cars across cities.


Creating electric platforms will offer the possibility to go much more faster thanks to the lack of circulation but also to reduce the costs of the construction of a tunnel with the absence of air filters for the carbon monoxide. It is expected to cross San Francisco in 5 minutes while it usually takes 45 minutes.

TBC is part of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop project for drilling the tunnels but is also part of his vision to create roads in 3D across cities around the world, for faster transports and less pollution.

With this purpose, we can only wish success to this project. I hope to have it quickly in Paris and Shanghai!