There is a lot a people living in Asia or visiting a friend that only stay a week end in Shanghai to discover the crazy hub of China.

The town is actually plenty of incredible and different things to do but if you want to enjoy and see the best of Shanghai for 2 days, here are some recommandations.


1st day :


During the morning, go to Jade Buddha Temple, the most beautiful Boudhhist temple of Shanghai. The temple is pretty big and very interesting to hang out in, you can also see Chinese people training for Calligraphie as well as the variety of Bouddhist sculptures.

For lunch, a MUST DO when you arrive in China, go to DIN TAI FUNG ( This Taiwainese restaurant is perfect and very tasty in order to discover a refined Chinese food. This is a chain generally located in big malls but we recommend the one in Kerry Center in order to follow our way of the day.

During the afternoon, go to People Square and Yuyuan Garden. Be careful with the garden, there is the touristic place and the real Yuyuan Garden that closes at 4:30pm where you have to pay for the entrance. Go in the garden first and hang out after in the touristic shops around it when the sun comes down and the lights bright.

At night, go for a walk on the Bund and then have a drink in Bar Rouge (, the mythic bar of Shanghai that has the best view of Pudong, the well known colorful skyscrappers line of Shanghai. After that, in the same building just one floor below, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a refined dinner by the chef Paul Pairet at Mrs and Ms Bund (, that offers a « late night » menu considerably cheaper on week ends (including Thursday, Friday and Saturday) since 10:30pm.


2nd day :


Try to wake up earlier because the journey is going to be packed.

In the morning, go to the French Concession, which is completely different from what you expect from Shanghai, very charming with a lot a trees and little shops and restaurants. The best is to have a round in Tlanzi Fang, plenty of artists and designers boutiques. Also have a walk near Shanghai Library.

For brunch, because it’s Sunday, end up in RAC Coffee, the best brunch of the French Concession in a little patio. You can maybe wait a bit but it is worthy.

For the aftertoon, go directly to Pudong and visit the Pearl Tower of Shanghai. After that, have a tea in one of the famous bar who has a view like Park Hyatt for instance.

Then, go further in Pudong to The Shanghai Technology Museum subway station where you have the fake market.

And last but no least, end up the week end with a typical dinner at Lost Heaven(, a Chinese restaurant with a Buddha Bar atmosphere that has delicious food. You have three of them in Shanghai but we recommend the one near Jingan Temple.

If you still have some energy, go for a last drink to Kartel, a rooftop with a cool and different view next to Lost Heaven.