Why Esport is so huge in China !?

Why Esport is so huge in China !?

China’s games market is the first in the world! With just some figure we can understand why. The revenues that games bring in 2018 was $37.9 billion and there are more than 619.5 million players in the country. 94% of the players spent money in the games and 68% are watching video content, mostly Esport. Furthermore, the Chinese government just confirms two Esport professions. It’s official Esport operator and Esport professional are now considered as real jobs. This is some of the reasons why Esport is so huge.

China games market in 2018

Esport revenues in China are booming

China is set to overtake the United States as the highest-earning eSports country in 2019, according to data. And to bring billions of dollars during the years to come.
The biggest TV broadcaster, China Central Television (CCTV) reported that the current state of the esports in the Chinese market is growing at a phenomenal pace and may reach the $3 bn mark by 2020.  CCTV also reported that there are over 50,000 working in the industry   a number which is also expected to rapidly increase to past 250,000 by 2020.

Reports predict the earnings of the top five players will increase by 39.6% from more than $2m in 2018 to earn over $3m in 2019.
The report also highlighted findings by Newzoo, which found eSports viewers are expected to reach 557 million globally by 2021, up from 380 million in 2018. Brand investments in eSports, including advertising and sponsorships, are expected to double from $694m in 2018 to $1.39bn by 2021 as marketers increasingly invest in the booming sport.
Additionally, China’s market is the biggest in terms of the number of esports users. It accounts for 64% of the 390m global audience, which gives it an excellent foundation for rapid growth.

The audience in China worth the worldwide one

China Daily reports that live broadcasts of the League of Legends pro league were watched 7 billion times by Chinese fans in 2017, with a total run time of 1.8billion hours.
Riot’s League of Legends (LoL for short) has long been China’s biggest esport, but there is more and more chinese game entering the market.

Worlds 2017 is the seventh League of Legends tournament of the World Championship series. It takes place in China in four cities: the group stage in Wuhan, the quarterfinals in Guangzhou, the semifinals in Shanghai and the grand finals in Beijing.

Total time watched (Including Chinese platforms): 4 445 927 408 hours

Total time watched (Excluding Chinese platforms): 74 375 812 hours

Average viewers (Including Chinese platforms): 33 219 882 viewers

Average viewers (Excluding Chinese platforms): 74 375 812 hours

Esports global audience in 2018 wordlwide and in china Global games market per region in 2018 and china


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