Réseaux sociaux

The main Chinese social networks

Digital marketing and social media have developed strongly in China over the last few years and so companies’ interest in the main Chinese social networks has evolved rapidly. Indeed, the Chinese market is huge and continues to grow, which presents therefore many opportunities and challenges for businesses.

E-commerce has also developed strongly on a global level. It has adapted to the Chinese social media trend and there is at this time a strong link between the two.

Indeed, social media have multiplied the functionalities that thus allow their users to buy online by allowing businesses to create their own shop like on WeChat for example. The latter features give brands the opportunity to be closer to their customers. Consequently, social media has become ubiquitous in society.

Thus, big global brands wishing to establish themselves in China must be attentive to these platforms. Moreover, social networks in China play a key role. Indeed, they entertain and influence the population in terms of food, fashion as well as lifestyle. As a result, they are omnipresent in the lives of Chinese people.

Therefore, there are the main Chinese social networks!

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