Activité confinée du jour #2 : Unboxing AliExpress !

Après avoir méticuleusement fait du tri dans son dressing.. il faut le re remplir !

En ce deuxième jour de confinement, un petit unboxing AliExpress ! Et pour une shopping Addict sur Taobao c’est vraiment cool de retrouver AliExpress. Franchement en plus des Wontons qui me manquent déjà terriblement. Taobao c’est vraiment un manque quotidien. D’ailleurs si tu n’est pas encore une Shopping Quen sur Taobao: tu peux toujours lire l’article pour le devenir en cliquant ici !)

Bien plus pratique que Taobao, pour commander, car c’est en français et pas en chinois, c’est malheureusement surtout moins rapide… Cette commande a mis presque 1 mois à arriver ce qui n’est pas si terrible en comparaison à Wish par exemple.

Le 2 février j’avais commandé quelques boucles d’oreilles suite à la polémique sur la Maison Doré. (Marque de l’influenceuse Chloé B, qui a fait polémique, car elle était accusée de commander ces bijoux sur AliExpress et les revendre 30x plus cher…)

Commande aliexpress

Pour me faire mon propre avis, j’ai fait une razzia (oui oui pour 6euros), j’ai acheté une quinzaine de boucles d’oreilles !

Aliexpress test Unboxing aliExpress


Alors déçue ou ravie  de l’unboxing?

M I T I G É.. certaines sont carrément top et la qualité est vraiment étonnante par contre certaines on se demande vraiment comment on peut envoyer ça… Mais objectivement pour le prix et la quantité de façon générale je suis plutôt #ravie !

Alors on #gardelapatate et shop sur AliExpress ! 😉



Activité confinée du jour #1 : Un dressing rangé !

Deuxième confinement en quelques semaines… 

Confinée déjà une fois à mon retour de Shanghai en janvier, #OuiOuiJeSuisRevenueDeChineSansRamenerLeCorona. J’avais regardé tout Netflix en 2 semaines alors pour la deuxième j’aimerais utiliser ce temps libre de façon utile et je vais vous partager ces petites idées ! 

Activité du jour #1 : Un dressing rangé !



Pour un rangement efficace et pour être sure d’aller jusqu’au bout sans se démotiver, j’ai d’abord vider tout mon placard sur mon lit et non pas par terre car comme ca je suis sure de le débarrasser et d’aller jusqu’au bout de mon rangement ! Et oui cette première étape donne encore plus de bazar qu’avant de commencer… Mais on reste motivé #onalapatate

toutvider #rangement


“On ne sait jamais, ça peut toujours servir !” : non non et non, si vous ne l’avez pas porté l’année dernière ni l’année d’avant ça ne sert à rien de garder ce petit sweat que vous aimez tant au collège.. A moins de vouloir faire le #10YearsChallenge dans les mêmes habits ?


Trier #rangement


Pour ça on va attendre la fin du confinement ! Mais dans quelques semaines j’irai donner à une association tout ce que je ne porte plus et ne souhaite pas vendre.

Des idées d’associations d’ailleurs à partager?


J’utilise Vinted depuis plusieurs années et c’est une appli qui marche vraiment bien et qui est très sécurisée je trouve !


Et oui on va rester confinée jusqu’à la fin des temps et il va falloir laisser votre plus beau jogging dans le placard un jour ou l’autre !

rangé #rangement rangé #rangement


Influencers become experts of corona virus ?

When influencers become spokespersons for the health security of their countries or on the contrary oppose the decisions taken by governments …

Considered a pandemic for 24 hours, after China (as you can read in the logbook of an expatriate in China) the Coronavirus continues to spread around the world. While France has announced radical containment measures, and the United States has prohibited European nationals from entering its territory, Italy has been in quarantine since March 9.


Chiara Ferragni -corona virus 4 Chiara Ferragni -corona virus 1 Chiara Ferragni -corona virus 5#TeamTrustAndHope

A situation that some influencers take very seriously. In particular the Italian blogger @Chiara Ferragni, like the 62 million other Italian inhabitants, the influencer is stranded at home. Followed by 18.7m subscribers on Instagram, she speaks regularly on the subject in order to show the reality in Italy.

The fashion pope, in fact, made a pot of crow founding with her husband the Italian rapper @Fedez, in a few days they managed to raise 4 million euros in order to support the overcrowded hospitals. A sum that continues to climb and that will provide equipment and care for a maximum of people. She also tackled the famous @Kendall Jenner to react to the story of one of Kardashian’s sister (We will see it later).




Ange Provost -corona virus Cicibhv corona virus Douze fevrier coronaOn a less international scale but just as talented:

The photographer @Ange Provost has drawn the wrath of some of her 11k followers by canceling the shootings to limit contamination.

@Cicibhv has given its encouragement and support to mothers who are having a hard time following the decision of France

@Douzefevrier, the very brave, burnt woman, posted stories to motivate her 395k followers after the worrying speech of President Macron yesterday night.




kendall jenner corona virus kendall jenner corona virus kendall jenner corona virus#TeamDoubtfull

In fact, @Kendall Jenner, who had shared figures implicitly explaining that we have to calm down. The sister of the Kardashians does not really seem to want to worry. She even less understand the measures taken by governments…





Noholita corona virus 1Noholita corona virus 2
 the same opinion, @Noholita, the French instagramer is also speaking a lot on the subject. But with a very different opinion, very doubtful… She did a survey to make her own statistics on the subject? To draw her own conclusion: like Kendall, she doesn’t understand that and she is quite angry.





Melanie Martial corona


And what would you do without the precious advice of the telereality candidates/ wife of football players? #humor




And you what do you think about the opinion of all those influencers? 🤓


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Some tips after my first experience as a speaker during a conference !

My first experience as a speaker during a conference…

After a lot of oral presentations at EFAP, last week I had the opportunity to speak « for real » in front of a professional audience.

A huge thanks to my manager in the Junior Consulting Project: Adeline Follea (consultant in digital marketing), who propose to me to participate and trust me as a speaker for this conference about Oenotourism.

During the « Salon International de l’Agriculture » with three others experts of wine and spirits: @Vincent Cuillier (Owner of Champagne Cuillier), @Cécile Israel (Brand ambassador in China) and @Jean-Michel Bonnichon (Owner of Chateau La Renommée) we talked about the development of wine tourism by talking about key points such as digital marketing and Chinese consumers. (Obviously, it was not in Chinese but in French – I am still improving my Chinese thanks to Nolwenn’s article)

This event takes place on the scene of the digital farm: an association that aims to promote innovation and digital technology for efficient, sustainable and socially responsible agriculture.

This experience was really interesting for me. Even if I loooove to speak, and unfortunately I lost « felicitations » several times, on my high school reports for chatting…. To speak in public is always a difficult exercise.


So after this fascinating experience, I have 3 tips for your next public speaking :

« Becoming a great speaker is an art, not a science.»


1. Manage your stress

I know that is easier to say than to do. Even the most seasoned speakers can get nervous prior to presenting. Remember that you are there to provide them
 with valuable information and if the audience members leave with one or two new items, you have made it worth their while. At first, I had to present myself, which is for me the hardest part. After my little personal presentation, I noticed that with the stress I was speaking very fast. Which for the second speaking I tried to do my best to take my time and speak more slowly.


2. Memorize concepts, not content.

You may think that the best way to give a flawless speech is to memorize the content word-for-word.  But trying that can create a lot of problems for speakers especially if there is interaction. Moreover, if your mind goes blank at any point during the presentation, you will lose your place and potentially create an awkward silence. Or worse, start to panic.
Instead of memorizing the content, focus on the concepts. Do this by creating bullet points of the content, stories, data and key takeaways that you want to get across in each part of your presentation. Then, speak naturally about them. 


3. Chat up with the other members before the presentation.

Meeting with the people you are going to be speaking with before you give your speech has several benefits for me it allows you to know which speaker will be more comfortable with the questions asking by the moderator.



conference - table ronde - oenotourisme

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3 tips to become a shopping queen on Taobao

How to order online and get delivered via Taobao?

Freshly arrived the dilemma was how to survive without online shopping?
After a few tries on Western websites, we quickly realized that our credit cards would not heat up online this year. Actually the largest e-commerce sites we are used to do not deliver to Shanghai…
But then we discovered Taobao!

A mobile application that at first makes us want to delete it… Everything is in Mandarin and not so intuitive from my point of view…

But finally when we tried longer… Taobao is amazing… except for my bank account.

How to use it?

1- By using photo research

Take a screenshot of what you are looking for.

We will take the example of a coat rack. I look for one I liked on google.

Using the screenshot in Taobao, you can see in the research bar, a little camera, touch it and you will upload the picture

Taobao 2Taobao 3

After that, you will see all the similar products

Taobao 4

Let’s choose this one, as you can see most of the items on taboo are very cheap

Taobao 5

2- Doing screenshot and translate it on WeChat

Most of the time you need to read some of the information written for that, you can translate it on WeChat – If you don’t know yet how to do it please read this article: Survival guide in Chinese language.

Taobao 6

3- Be aware of the exact address of the delivery place (in Chinese)

I start using the app with a mistake on my mail post address, and of course, I did not receive my item.. but the customer service is awesome! thank you to WeChat translation I find the corner of « customer service » and the seller adds me on Wechat, we speak for a few minutes and refund me the totality of what I had paid.

Now you have all the keys to enjoy shopping on Taobao!