Influencers become experts of corona virus ?

When influencers become spokespersons for the health security of their countries or on the contrary oppose the decisions taken by governments …

Considered a pandemic for 24 hours, after China (as you can read in the logbook of an expatriate in China) the Coronavirus continues to spread around the world. While France has announced radical containment measures, and the United States has prohibited European nationals from entering its territory, Italy has been in quarantine since March 9.


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A situation that some influencers take very seriously. In particular the Italian blogger @Chiara Ferragni, like the 62 million other Italian inhabitants, the influencer is stranded at home. Followed by 18.7m subscribers on Instagram, she speaks regularly on the subject in order to show the reality in Italy.

The fashion pope, in fact, made a pot of crow founding with her husband the Italian rapper @Fedez, in a few days they managed to raise 4 million euros in order to support the overcrowded hospitals. A sum that continues to climb and that will provide equipment and care for a maximum of people. She also tackled the famous @Kendall Jenner to react to the story of one of Kardashian’s sister (We will see it later).




Ange Provost -corona virus Cicibhv corona virus Douze fevrier coronaOn a less international scale but just as talented:

The photographer @Ange Provost has drawn the wrath of some of her 11k followers by canceling the shootings to limit contamination.

@Cicibhv has given its encouragement and support to mothers who are having a hard time following the decision of France

@Douzefevrier, the very brave, burnt woman, posted stories to motivate her 395k followers after the worrying speech of President Macron yesterday night.




kendall jenner corona virus kendall jenner corona virus kendall jenner corona virus#TeamDoubtfull

In fact, @Kendall Jenner, who had shared figures implicitly explaining that we have to calm down. The sister of the Kardashians does not really seem to want to worry. She even less understand the measures taken by governments…





Noholita corona virus 1Noholita corona virus 2
 the same opinion, @Noholita, the French instagramer is also speaking a lot on the subject. But with a very different opinion, very doubtful… She did a survey to make her own statistics on the subject? To draw her own conclusion: like Kendall, she doesn’t understand that and she is quite angry.





Melanie Martial corona


And what would you do without the precious advice of the telereality candidates/ wife of football players? #humor




And you what do you think about the opinion of all those influencers? 🤓


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