How to order online and get delivered via Taobao?

Freshly arrived the dilemma was how to survive without online shopping?
After a few tries on Western websites, we quickly realized that our credit cards would not heat up online this year. Actually the largest e-commerce sites we are used to do not deliver to Shanghai…
But then we discovered Taobao!

A mobile application that at first makes us want to delete it… Everything is in Mandarin and not so intuitive from my point of view…

But finally when we tried longer… Taobao is amazing… except for my bank account.

How to use it?

1- By using photo research

Take a screenshot of what you are looking for.

We will take the example of a coat rack. I look for one I liked on google.

Using the screenshot in Taobao, you can see in the research bar, a little camera, touch it and you will upload the picture

Taobao 2Taobao 3

After that, you will see all the similar products

Taobao 4

Let’s choose this one, as you can see most of the items on taboo are very cheap

Taobao 5

2- Doing screenshot and translate it on WeChat

Most of the time you need to read some of the information written for that, you can translate it on WeChat – If you don’t know yet how to do it please read this article: Survival guide in Chinese language.

Taobao 6

3- Be aware of the exact address of the delivery place (in Chinese)

I start using the app with a mistake on my mail post address, and of course, I did not receive my item.. but the customer service is awesome! thank you to WeChat translation I find the corner of « customer service » and the seller adds me on Wechat, we speak for a few minutes and refund me the totality of what I had paid.

Now you have all the keys to enjoy shopping on Taobao!