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Shanghai Botanical Garden

Shanghai Botanical Garden

If you have a free Saturday, go to the Shanghai Botanical Garden. The Shanghai Botanical Garden is a botanical garden located in the southwest suburbs of Shanghai, China (about 12 km southwest of downtown), in Xuhui District. It is the largest in China and easy to access. 

How to get to Shanghai Botanical Garden

 Entrance No. 1: Take bus 56, 178, 342, 714, 720, 824, 831, 956 or 958 and get off at Luwulu Baiselu Station; take bus Shangfeng Special Line and get off at Shanghai Zhiwuyuan (Botanical Garden) Station. The conservatory, herb garden and tropical plants house are near this entrance.

 Entrance No. 2: Take bus 56, 178, 342, 714, 720, 770, 824, 956, 958, or Shangfeng Special Line and get off at Longwulu Longshuinanlu Station. The demonstration garden and Temple of Huang Dao Po are nearby.

 Entrance No. 3: Take bus 720, 824, or 973 and get off at Baiselu Longchuanbeilu Station. Gardens of maple, osmanthus, rose and bamboo are nearby.

 Entrance No. 4: Take Metro Line 3, get off at Shilong Rd. Station, and then walk south for five minutes. The Children’s Playground is nearby.

Ticket price Shanghai Botanical Garden :

Admission Fee: CNY 15
Conservatory: CNY 30
Bonsai Garden: CNY 7
Orchid Garden: CNY 7
Combo Ticket: CNY 40

* Children under 1.3 m (4.3 ft) can visit the botanical garden for free.

Enjoy the Shanghai Botanical Garden at all seasons

Covering an area of over 81 hectares, the garden is home to a diverse collection of Chinese plants, of which 3,500 species of local flora from the middle and lower Yangtze are found in the gardens.Shanghai Botanical Garden

Each season, a majority of flowers show their beauty and charm in a competitive way.
That’s why, no matter the season, you will not be disappointed.
You will be able to find in the spring of big exhibitions of flowers all in colors. Breathe and enjoy the smells of cherry, peach, Bauhinia or Begonia that the garden offers.


In autumn, enjoy the colorful leaves. Between poplars, fruits of dawn and maple leaves, you will have a complete view!

Finally, the garden is also accessible in winter when you can go to the Conservatory, which offers a new spring for flowers and plants. The greenhouse is filled with tropical plants that will disorient you.