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Top 10 most green vendors in Shanghai 

Top 10 most green vendors in Shanghai.

If you’re living in Shanghai or even if you’ve just visited the city, you’ve probably noticed the pollution. There is a lot of smog that you can both see and smell, throughout the day. Sometimes reaching a level 7 times higher than the maximum average level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for a 24-hour period, this is a major concern for most of us. Some people are even considering leaving the city because of this issue, afraid it impacts their health for real.

The thing is, a huge part of this pollution is created by consumer goods. It means that, if we change our vision, the way we consume, a real difference can occur. With a healthier/sustainable lifestyle and more natural and organic products, we can limit the impact we have on the environment and reduce our own exposure to toxic chemicals. 

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Sometimes though, we are having a hard time finding the right information, what account on WeChat should we follow to have access to the right products, what stores should we visit and so on. In this article, I’ll give you a selection of green vendors in Shanghai, from organic food to zero-waste products.

Top 10 most green vendors in Shanghai:


First things first, let’s talk about food! If you don’t have a clue about where to find organic groceries or healthy food in Shanghai, I recommend you to take a look at those vendors first, you’ll find a big variety of qualitative products.

Kate & Kimi

Kate & Kimi is heaven for groceries! You can find a huge variety of different products, and they even have a vegan range. Again, you can directly order from their WeChat account.

Le Jardin de Ziko

Le Jardin de Ziko is a Wechat group that offers weekly packages of organic vegetables directly delivered to your door at affordable prices. They are offering only vegetables produced in the area, organically.

Goma Greens

Goma Greens delivers weekly veggie boxes from trusted farms to your doorstep. Their added value is that the boxes also come with healthy and easy recipes! They are also using as less packaging as they can, and reuse all the boxes, which is a good thing if you care about the amount of waste generated.

Lizzy’s all natural

Lizzy’s all natural is a superfood smoothie company, offering more than 50 blends and detoxifying cleanse sets. All the blends are 100% raw, vegetarian, free of preservatives and added sugar. You can directly order from their e-shop on their WeChat official account!



Organic food is very important, but limiting your amount of waste is crucial in the fight for a cleaner planet. Here are a few brands based in Shanghai that is helping you transitioning to zero-waste lifestyle smoothly.


Boomi is a Shanghai-based startup that focuses on providing starter kits filled with eco-friendly products. For instance in a box you can find bamboo toothbrush, reusable face wipes, and shampoo blocks! They are also making some events around the zero waste topic. You can find more information on their website: 

Zero waste Shanghai

Zero waste Shanghai is an organization that organizes events and workshops but they also have an e-shop with zero waste products at a very affordable price. They also write interesting articles about for instance how to recognize greenwashing and false promises from brands. You can add them on WeChat and follow their official account to see more!


Baluchon is THE sustainable alternative to plastic & paper wrapping. Whether you are offering a gift to a loved one in the Japan-inspired gift cloth or using the washable beeswax wraps to keep your food fresh, or even using makeup removal pads, you’ll find the perfect product at Baluchon. Available directly on WeChat!


UseDem is a project about upcycling old jeans into new wearable products. Each pair of jeans will come out a completely different and unique bag. Check them out on WeChat!



Greenwave is a MUST in Shanghai. As the quality of water is really bad, we have to buy bottles of water all the times, which represents a huge amount of single used plastic. Thanks to greenwave, there is a sustainable solution to avoid this consumption. Indeed, Greenwave is offering a large amount of water filter products, that they can directly install on your sink/shower. Follow them on WeChat and ask for more informations!

Eu Noia

Eu Noia sells a range of therapeuthic, ecoconscious aromatherapy blends. You can find hair, body and home products, all made from organic ingredients, healing essential oils and native botanical extracts. Everything is sourced from New Zealand. The goal? To soothe the symptoms of the busy city life! Available on WeChat!

This list of vendors is non-exhaustive and they are probably many more to add to the list, but when you first arrive to the city, I believe knowing those brands is already a good start. And never forget that every little move counts to save our beautiful planet 🙂

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