Imagine going to the supermarket with no cash, no card, no wallet, no phone and still being able to pay. How ? By paying with your face. Fascinating or a little bit frightening, Facial recognition payment looks like something coming right from the future. Yet, it is already available in China.


Facial recognition payment – What is it ?

In China payment methods technologies are more advanced than in any other parts of the world. Indeed, while in Europe or in America payment by phone is still seen as a quite new technology, in China it is used since a long time. Almost everybody, including young people as well as older people, make their purchases with their smartphones. In some places cash is not even accepted anymore.

With this new technology, China could make even QR codes seems old-fashioned!

“Smile to Pay” launched by Alipay and “Frog Pay” launched by WeChat pay allow customers to pay with their face. How does it work ? A device and a small camera are intalled at the checkout of the supermarket and scan the face of the customer.


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