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How to travel in China by using Ctrip ?

You want to plan your next vacations in China but don’t know how ?


Ctrip APP is the answear. You can download this APP for free on your phone (called and book any ticket to travel in China and elsewhere. Check their dedicated page for this App !

Once it’s installed, booking and paying a trip will take you less than 3 minutes !

What is Ctrip ?

Ctrip is The main travel service and transportation ticketing company in China, created in 1999, that counts :

  • 300 million members,
  • 30 million of real customers comments,
  • 1 200 000 hotels registered in 200 countries,
  • More than 5 000 city destinations available all around the world,
  • 2,9 billion dollars revenue in 2016,
  • 37 000 employees,

Bookings could be done through the APP, the Website and by phone.

Concretely, how to use Ctrip to travel in China ?

Open the APP, and do the following steps :

  • Chose the transport system (train, planes)
  • Chose the city you are in, and the one you are going to,
  • Select the train / flight you want (be careful to select the right airport / train station),
  • Fulfill the information about the passenger(s),
  • Pay,
  • Bravo, your trip has been booked 🙂

To avoid any mistakes during the booking and your trip, you can download the APP in English, or select in the parameters one of the 9 langages proposed, and follow the advice bellow.

Ctrip first page       ctrip choice of destination      ctrip select your train

So hereunder is a list of some useful tips to consider, organized according to the steps of the trip :

  • You can select the currency appearing by tapping on the logo on the top left of the screen (image bellow),
  • If you only need the transport ticket and not the hotel, be careful to not select the Code promo hotel in the payment phase, it could add you 30 RMB or more on the total price (image bellow),
  • By putting your personal information, try to put a mail address that you could use without VPN. If you don’t, make some screenshots about the confirmation mail, so that you could have access to the information you need easily,
  • The confirmation mail is not your ticket. You have to go earlier to the train station and take your ticket into the ticket office. It could be (very) crowded, so don’t go to the train station 10 minutes before the departure time !
  • When arriving to the ticket office, give the employee your passport (don’t forget it !), and show your reservation number (that you received by mail and that you have screenshoted),
  • Finally, don’t put your ticket to the bin after leaving the train, you will need it to go out of the station.



You could find more information and tips about life in China on this page.

I hope that these tips will be helpful !

Travel safe 🙂

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