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3 foreign brands that are mastering Wechat marketing

Wechat became the most powerful app to leverage for brands developing a marketing strategy in China. The messaging platform is counting an incredible number of users (846 millions) and is integrating more and more advertising solutions.


It is essential for foreign brands to develop an efficient Wechat strategy to reach Chinese consumers. In this article, we are going to see 5 examples of marketing campaigns that have been run successfully by foreign companies on the chat app.






  • Brand


Givenchy is a French luxury brand. It was founded in 1952 by “Hubert de Givenchy” and is now owned by LVMH group. The brand has women, and men’s wear collection, as well as perfumes and cosmetics products.


  • Campaign


Earlier in the year, Givenchy has run a very successful Wechat campaigns.


The brand used one of the most famous Men’s KOL, Tao Liang, to launch a limited edition of bags. Tao Liang, also known as Mr bags gathered an audience of 1,2 million people on wechat. This was a way for Givenchy to reach a maximum of very engaged and fashion oriented followers.


The KOL made a post on WeChat announcing its collaboration with the luxury brand. He also revealed the release of 80 exclusive bags sold at a price of 14 900 RMB the unit.


Givenchy leveraged many marketing technics to make this campaign a success:


  • The use of a KOLs in China is very effective because they generate trust and engagement among their audience.


  • Selling a limited number of bags is a way to increase interest and create exclusivity. Moreover, Givenchy bet on the Chinese cultural tradition using the lucky number 8.


  • Finally, the campaign was made just before Valentine’s day and last a limited amount of time. This was a very smart move knowing that Chinese are crazy about gifting.


  • Results


The brand managed to sell its 80 bags in 12 minutes for an amount of 1,192 million RMB. It also considerably increased its awareness and engagement by associating its image to a famous and trendy influencer.





  • Brand


Montblanc is a Swiss luxury watch maker.  It has very soon understood opportunities that represent the Chinese market. It entered the market in 1990’s and since then has adopted a strong development strategy.


  • Campaign

Few months ago, Montblanc launch a campaign on wechat promoting its collection of pen. Already known for its Moon Phase campaign, the brand has bet again on the social platform to reach Chinese consumers.


The first step of the campaign was to increase the knowledge among its product history. Using Hugh Jackman as spoke-man, Montblanc has narrated its heritage.

By entering the app, users could see a letter written in Chinese character “Art can’t change the world, but it can change the way people think—and people can change the world.”


The goal was for the Montblanc to immerse the audience into its strong heritage and showcase its know-how.



The second part of the campaign was to engage the consumer by making him choose the color of the pen he preferred and making him share the result through Wechat.






  • Brand

Pepsi entered China more than 30 years ago. It went from a new entrant to one of the major player in the market. The brand has successfully adapted its range of product to the local tastes. It has also ameliorated its brand image creating innovative social media campaigns.


  • Campaign

Pepsi launched a huge campaign during the Chinese New Year.

The campaign consisted on two parts:


  • A H5 page enabling users to send fireworks greeting to their friends


  • A H5 game with a rooster (referring to the CNY)




  • Results


Leveraging creative design, Pepsi managed to engage its audience.

The greeting campaign was an innovative idea based on Chinese tradition. It was easy to use and to share so it spread very fast.

With the game, the brand created an addictive and low branded tool. Games are very powerful in China because the population is use to play all the time.



To learn more about Wechat and Messaging Apps marketing follow the link.

Life in China Lifestyle Shanghai restaurants

Best places to eat in Shanghai

Here is a list of the best places to eat in Shanghai. There are restaurants for every taste and occasion, you should definitely try them all! (click on the picture to have more infos).
Bon appétit 😉


Asian Tastes


  • Jia jia tang bao ¥


Authentic, tasty and very affordable xiao long bao. The place is small and can be crowded.

90 Huanghe Lu, near Fengyang Lu
People’s Square 1/2/8 , Xinzha Lu 1 , Qufu Lu 12/8


  • Din tai fung ¥¥

capture-decran-2017-03-15-a-18-29-54This Taiwanese restaurant chain is very popular and has many venues in Shanghai. You should definitely try it.

1515 Nanjing Xi Lu, Jing’an Kerry Centre, Room N4-15, near Changde Lu
Jing’an Temple 2/7


  • Grandmother Kitchen ¥¥


Grandmother is a good address to share a Chinese meal with your friends. The food is cheap and tasty.

70 Fuzhou Lu, near Sichuan Zhong Lu
Nanjing Dong Lu 10/2 , People’s Square 1/2/8, Yuyuan Garden 10


  • Xibo ¥¥


You should go to the Xibo to have a real (west) Chinese experience.

83 Changshu Lu, Shenzhou Commercial Bldg, 3/F, near Julu Lu
Changshu Lu 1/7 , Jing’an Temple 2/7


  • Kagen ¥¥¥


Best teppanyaki in town! The quality of the food is very good but not cheap. This is the perfect place for special events. Go for the 330rmb free flow and don’t forget to book.

28D Taojiang Lu, near Hengshan Lu

Shanghai Library 10 , Changshu Lu 1/7 , Hengshan Lu 1



  • Coconut paradise ¥¥


The restaurant has really nice terrace. Price is around 100rmb for a meal but it’s worth it.

38 Fumin Lu, near Yan’an Zhong Lu
Jing’an Temple 2/7 , Changshu Lu 1/7
  • Thai Gallery ¥¥


Eat thai food in the middle of the Jing’an Park. Nice place to go on sunny days.

189 Huashan Lu, Jing’an Park, Gate 3, near Nanjing Xi Lu
Jing’an Temple 2/7 , Changshu Lu 1/7


  • Simply Thai ¥¥


This is a Thai restaurant chain. Usually located on malls, you will always find a Simply Thai in your area.

5C Dongping Lu, near Hengshan Lu
Changshu Lu 1/7 , Hengshan Lu 1 , Shanghai Library 10 , Zhaojiabang Lu 7/9


  • Saigon Mama ¥¥


Two well located addresses for this viet restaurants. The place is modern, meals are fresh and affordable.

618 Xujiahui Lu, SML Center, Room 1F-A-09
Dapuqiao 9 , Madang Lu 9/13 , Jiashan Lu 9/12


  • Cyclo ¥¥


The restaurant give you authentic tastes of Vietnam. The restaurant has two venues and is worth to try!

678 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Wuding Lu
Changping Lu 7




  • Mr & Mrs Bund ¥¥¥


Perfect vue on the Bund for this sophisticated French restaurant. Go for the late diner menu available at the end of the week from 11pm. (250 to 300rmb menu)

18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, Bund 18, 6/FTiantong Lu 12/10 , Nanjing Dong Lu 10/2
  • Cuivre ¥¥¥


Very good French restaurant. Well furnished diner and brunch menu.

1502 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu
Shanghai Library 10 , Hengshan Lu 1 , Changshu Lu 1/7


  • O délice ¥¥


  • The restaurant serves Galettes and Crepes as well as other meals. Go for the Galettes if you miss french food.B1G1 Burger deal on Monday.
208 Xinle Lu, near Donghu Lu
Jing’an Temple 7/2 , Changshu Lu 7/1


  • La crêperie ¥¥


Nice french atmosphere with various selection of Galettes. They have two restaurants.

1 Taojiang Lu, near Dongping Lu
Hengshan Lu 1 , Changshu Lu , Shanghai Library 10


  • Dr wine ¥¥


Really good and affordable cheese and charcuterie platters. You also have other good french meal and wine.

177 Fumin Lu, near Julu Lu
Jing’an Temple 7 2 , Changshu Lu 1 7 , Shaanxi Nan Lu 101


  • Kartel ¥¥


Nice place to have a glass of wine and finger foods with friends. Definitely one of the best rooftop in Shanghai.

1 Xiangyang Bei Lu, 5/F, near Julu Lu
Shaanxi Nan Lu 10 1 , Jing’an Temple 2 7 , Changshu Lu 17



  • Goodfellas ¥¥¥


Certainly the best Italian in town. The food, location, and atmosphere make you forget the little pricey bill.

7 Yan’An Dong Lu, near Zhongshan Dong Er Lu
Yuyuan Garden 10 , Nanjing Dong Lu 2 10


  • Mercato ¥¥¥


Italian restaurant by the Chef Jean George. It is located on the Bund and offers some very tasty homemade pizzas and pastas.

3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, Three on The Bund, 6/F, near Guangdong Lu
Nanjing Dong Lu 10 2 , Yuyuan Garden 10


  • Una’s ¥¥


Good choice of Pizzas around 80rmb. You can order through Sherpa’s delivery.

77 Changshu Lu, near Julu Lu
Changshu Lu 1 7 , Jing’an Temple 2 7


  • Bella Napoli ¥¥

capture-decran-2017-03-22-a-18-08-53Very good and authentic Italian restaurant. Prices are reasonable and you have a great choice of good quality meals.

73 Nanhui Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu
Nanjing Xi Lu 2


American/Mexican Tastes

  • Liquid Laundry ¥¥


Very trendy American gastro-pub that offers large choice of meals in a modern venue.

1028 Huaihai Zhong Lu, J-Sense, 2/F, near Donghu Lu
Shaanxi Nan Lu 12 10 1 , Changshu Lu 1 7 , Huaihai Zhong Lu 13


  • Kommune ¥¥


Really cool spot in the middle of Tianzifang. Go on sunny day have a burger on the terrace or enjoy a tasty cocktail during Happy Hour.

Lane 210, Taikang Lu, Tianzifang, No 7, near Sinan Lu
Dapuqiao 9 , Madang Lu 9


  • Kaiba ¥¥


Another very cool place in Tianzifang with indoor and outdoor tables. We like the lunch deal with starter/meal/dessert and drinks at 68rmb.

169 Jianguo Zhong Lu,1/F, near Ruijin Er Lu
Dapuqiao 9 , Jiashan Lu 9 12 , Madang Lu 913


  • Fat Cow ¥¥


A large choice of well-made burgers and American salads. There is a burger for every taste. Go for the B1G1 burger night on monday (be prepared to wait).

135 Yanping Lu, 1/F, Room 103, near Wuding Lu
Changping Lu 7 , Jing’an Temple 2 7


  • Beef and liberty ¥¥


An alternative to fat cow burger with the same monday’s deal. Food is as good and you don’t have to take a drink 😉

1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai Centre, 1/F, Room 111, near Xikang Lu
Jing’an Temple 2 7 , Nanjing Xi Lu 2


  • NYC Deli ¥¥


If you want a big meaty sandwich NYC Deli is exactly the place you need to go to.

103 Fujian Nan Lu, near Jinling Dong Lu
Yuyuan Garden 10 , Dashijie 8 , People’s Square 1 2 8 , Nanjing Dong Lu 2 10


  • Mayita ¥¥


Very good spot if you want to have Mexican meals and enjoy the sun in a spacious terrace.

98 Shouning Lu, 6/F, near Xizang Nan Lu
Dashijie 8 , Laoximen 8 10 , Huangpi Nan Lu 1 , Yuyuan Garden 10 , Xintiandi 10




  • Green and Safe ¥¥


It is a mix of a restaurant and a grocery store, offering good quality western and asian food. They are several venues of this concept in Shanghai.

6 Dongping Lu, near Hengshan LuShanghai Library 10 , Changshu Lu 1 7 , Hengshan Lu 1


  • Pure and Whole ¥¥


Large range of healthy vegetarian food at an affordable price. Special mention for the salads 😉

1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai Centre, 1/F, Room 104, near Xikang Lu
Jing’an Temple 2 7 , Nanjing Xi Lu 2


  • Element Fresh ¥¥


Large choice of salads, juices and asian meals. There are many addresses in Shanghai ( the best is probably in xintiandi). Go for a brunch, a lunch or the monday B1G1 salad deal!

Lane 181, Taicang Lu, Xintiandi, No 2, Bldg 18, near Madang Lu
Huangpi Nan Lu 1 , Xintiandi 10 13


  • Sproutwork ¥¥


Nice spot to take healthy meals. You can make your own salad in a trendy place.

185 Madang Lu, Xintiandi, near Zizhong Lu
Xintiandi 10 , Huangpi Nan Lu 1


Bakery & Cafe

  • Pain chaud ¥


Perfect address to enjoy a good French Baguette, pain au chocolat or dessert. Price are not excessive.

31 Yongkang Lu, near Jiashan Lu
Shaanxi Nan Lu 1 10 , Jiashan Lu 9 , Changshu Lu 1 7


  • Farine ¥


French bakery, offering a large range of good quality desserts and coffees. Price are expensive but it’s a nice place to go after a walk on the Bund.

88 Yuanmingyuan Lu, Yifeng, 1/F, near Beijing Dong Lu
Nanjing Dong Lu 2 10 , Tiantong Lu 10 12


  • Bread etc ¥


Cool spot to have an afternoon break or breakfast. They are offering dessert as well as salty meals.

500 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Jianguo Xi Lu
Jiashan Lu 9 12 , Zhaojiabang Lu 7 9


Special cookies:


Two very good spots to eat cookies 😉

Strictly cookies

Al’s bakery



Special Brunch

  • Mr pancake ¥


You can have a really cool sunday brunch at less than 100rmb. Menu includes a good choice of both salty and sweet pancakes.

479 Wuding Lu, near Shaanxi Bei Lu
Changping Lu 7 , Nanjing Xi Lu 2


  • Maya ¥¥


Delicious and very rewarded Mexican restaurant. Enjoy authentic and upscales meals. Perfect for spicy brunchs.

Lane 568, Julu Lu, Shanghai Grand Club, 2/F, near Xiangyang Bei LuShaanxi Nan Lu 1 10 , Jing’an Temple 7 2 , Nanjing Xi Lu 2

  • Lil laundry ¥¥


This is Liquid Laundry’s little sister. The place and the menu is smaller but the taste is the same. It’s a good alternative to have an American brunch.

1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai Centre, 1/F, near Xikang Lu
Jing’an Temple 2 7 , Nanjing Xi Lu 2 12 13


  • Penta Lounge ¥¥


Perfect place to enjoy an all you can eat weekend brunch on the weekend. Price is low and buffet is well furnished. (110 to 140 rmb)

1525 Dingxi Lu, near Changning lu
Zhongshan Park 2 3 4 , Jiangsu Lu 11 , Jiangsu Lu 11 2



Usefull Website



Time out Shanghai


Bon App



A.I Chatbots Digital Business

AI Driven Marketing: The value of Chatbots for Businesses

Over the past few year AI technologies have been democratized. This phenomenon coupled with the use of messaging apps has created Chabots.

This advancement represents a great opportunity for brands. It is a new way for them to reach customers and improve their experience all along the shopping journey.

According to Business Insider, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020, and Chatbots are expected to be the No. 1 consumer applications of AI over the next five years.


1/ What are Chatbots?


Bots are intelligent and automated programs developed to be self-sufficient and respond to a certain type of tasks.

There are many types of bots and Chatbot is one of them. It is a program that can entertain a vocal or written conversation with a human. Brands usually implement Chatbots on messaging apps.

This technology is a big move in the construction of a stronger link between companies and clients. Indeed, people can now correspond directly with their brand, asking advices or information on products. This is a significant improvement of customer services and it provides a new client experience.


There are two types of Chatbots :

  • The one that are based on specific rules. These are very limited in term of interaction and depends and are not able to learn by themselves.
  • The one that are self-sufficient and use machine learning. This type of bot is the smartest because it is learning continuously from interactions it has.


The current landscape


2/ Chatbots on messaging  apps


Social media’s companies are betting on Chatbots.

It the case for Facebook’s Messenger that has integrated a bot development platform in its app. More than 10 000 Chatbots were created since the launch few months ago. The messaging apps also implemented a bot store to ease their access. Finally, the app has developed its own digital assistant called “M” to help users doing casual tasks.




Another big platform that is “bot friendly” is the Canadian app KIK. As Messenger, Kik has a bot store that count over 20 000 chatbots.

Sephora is an example of company that has a bot on this messaging apps. Indeed, the brand has decided to create its own tool to improve its customer services and bet on the future.

“With Kik, our clients can engage with us in a new way to learn beauty tips, watch how to videos, and read ratings and reviews which link to our site within the app.”

“Through our partnership with Kik, we saw an opportunity to engage with new and existing clients, particularly with the highly mobile/connected audience of Gen-Z and Younger Millennials, through a fun, new social platform.”
Bindu Shah, Sephora’s Digital Marketing VP



Chinese market also contains big players. Giant tech companies have developed success tools to build In-app Chatbots. It is the case for Tencent, offering in its platform a way to analyse users behaviour.

The start-up Chumen Wenwen has integrated a native and a Wechat bot. It has the particularity to have a voice recognition system.



4 Chatbots opportunities

  • Improve users’ experience
  • Drive sales
  • Increase the time users spend In-app
  • Gain insights on customer


Customer perspective

AI is going further in its proficiencies and so do Chatbots. Now customers can obtain more and more valuable content and Information.

Through Chatbots, users can:

  • Get in real-time news, and information on a specific subject
  • Have a direct Interaction with brands
  • Book any transportation mean or accommodation
  • Order food
  • Get information on a specific product
  • Buy product
  • Build a schedule
  • Recognize objects


Key takeaways for companies

Chatbots are becoming the new “must-have” in for companies. It is crucial for them to handle efficiently this technology to have a good ROI.

Here are some tips to succeed:

  • Think of the value that this tech will bring to your business
  • Adopt a customer perspective
  • Be sure that your Chatbot is well suited and personalized for your targeted audience


Websites links to build Chatbots :


Follow the link to learn more about Messaging apps marketing

Apps Digital Business Marketing Mobile

Messaging Revolution: The Race for online Acquisition



What are these private platforms? Why are they so popular? And what are the main opportunities for brands? 


Private Platforms and Users

Private platforms are mobile applications that give to user the total control of what they want to share and to who. This can include various types of messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Line or WeChat but also videos or photos apps with Snapchat and live apps as well.

Contrary to Social network apps, chat apps are not originally made to broadcast content, they are more about instant communication and direct exchanges between users.

The gap between these two types of platform is getting thinner and thinner due to the development of messaging app’s features. However, the trend proves that the enthusiasm of people is switching from social networks to instant messaging.



These platforms are increasingly popular because they are fitting to the young generation needs. Indeed, Millennials aspire to new ways of communicating and messaging apps seems to be the most adapted one.

Chat apps offer completely free services (for the moment at least) and are a good alternative to SMS and MMS. People only need to be connected to the Internet to use the app, which is not a problem anymore knowing that Wifi is accessible nearly everywhere.

Messaging apps also respond to the Millennials’ need of instantaneity. They are convenient ways for them to exchange and interact within a private environment. The fact that messaging apps are indeed closed ecosystem is very valuable for users who are seeking for more privacy and tend to be more self-oriented.

Finally, Millennials give more and more importance to experience and are looking for easy ways to connect with their brands.


Brand Opportunities

The communication is changing and brands marketing strategies must evolve accordingly.  Brands need more than ever to be appealing and to build a relationship with their audience. In this context, messaging apps are a goldmine! Brands have a new communication channel to reach and engage users.

Messaging apps have a higher retention rate than the other apps which can be very beneficial to companies willing implement a long-term strategy. They gathered a massive database of users who want to have everything within easy reach.

Platforms grasp the opportunity to provide more and more marketing options. Indeed, the first move of these free apps was to increase their user-base as much as possible to become big players. They are now adapting their business model to gain in profitability, by exploiting user’s knowledge.


#1 – Banners and Sponsored Advertisements to display branded content

After a long period of locking to advertisers, WeChat is offering more and more advertising solutions. The app proposes for example a banner (picture or video), sponsored or branded posts in Moments. In the same mood, Snapchat offers sponsored advertisements in its platform.

On Wechat, a publisher can target specific groups of people according to their location, interest, age, gender, device and phone network. For example, a publisher can choose to advertise 17 industries including: education, travel, finance, car, real estate, home product, clothing, food & beverage, life-style service, business service, beauty product, internet/IT, sport, medicine & health, pregnancy products, and games.

However, all messaging apps are not equal in terms of advertising solutions; define in first your goals, targets and strategy. Then you can choose the platform and digital support to reach your audience.

#2 – Key opinion leaders to propose sponsored content

KOL are influencers on social media who gather a huge volume of followers, for some of them few millions. They are usually used by brands to communicate, increase brand awareness and sell products.  It is an efficient way to reach consumers in a private platform and boost marketing campaigns.

Influencers are very active and enable to target a specific audience. Using KOL gives credibility to a brand which benefits from the loyalty and the trust of its influencer’s followers.


#3 – Official Account and MiniApps to engage users with your content

Companies can also use platforms as a leverage to increase their exposure and ameliorate the customer’s experience by creating Official account or Mini apps.  Users are able to directly connect with their brands and get promotional contents. It’s a different marketing approach compared to sponsored advertisement because the initiative of following the company in a first place is coming from the customer.

Messenger and WeChat are examples of platforms where it is possible to develop these features. Indeed, Wechat counts more than 10 million official accounts and can even serve as an e-commerce platform.

Thus, Official accounts and MiniApps are for brands a window within messaging apps with a great potential.


#4 – Innovative tools propose added value and involve followers

Another variable that brands should consider is the development of technologies and the creation of innovative tools inside applications. Chat Applications are integrating Bots which are intelligent and automated programs that are developed to be self-sufficient and respond to a certain type of tasks.

Every bot are smart, most of them are really intelligent but innovations are booming. This technology is a big move in the reinforcement of the communication between companies and clients. Indeed, people can now talk to their brand, ask for advices or information on products. This is a significant improvement of customer services and it provides a new client experience.


“There’s already a big opportunity now that brands are starting to understand messaging apps, and chatbots are a great entry point.”

Scott Nelson,Head of North America Viber


Sephora has understood the value of this tool by developing a Chatbot on messaging apps.


It’s becoming a huge challenge for companies to exploit messaging apps. Marketers must adapt their strategies and include these apps in their landscape. It is a way to build a more intimate link with customers and gain their loyalty. However, this exercise is tricky as users’ expectations have been evolving and users are looking for more authenticity. These new marketing channels are also blurrier than other social media platforms as they are less measurable, therefore brands need a strong understanding of this ecosystem to run efficient campaigns.



WECHAT: From the Messaging App to the Super App

Forget Facebook, Whatsapp or even Skype, you can have all their functionalities and far more by using Wechat.


If you never heard of Wechat, it is a Chinese smartphone application release in 2011 by the Chinese tech group Tencent.

At first, the platform was a messaging app, allowing people to talk and share information instantaneity. In five years, it has developed more than you could imagine and has overtaken most of its competitors.

Now, Wechat count over 846 millions monthly active users  and is an incredible leverage for brand seeking for exposure.


What make Wechat a Super App?


Wechat key of success is Innovation. When all of it competitors are focusing on their social medias activities, Wechat is creating its own ecosystem.


The app is growing at the speed of the light and is offering more and more possibilities to its users,

here is an overview of its social media features:





Gaming is also a major functionality of the Wechat ecosystem

Chinese are addicts of games and its the first source of revenue of Wechat parent company Tencent! The apps release its game section in 2013 and since then, 15% of users are playing on it every day.


Wechat has its own payment solution. This solution has been integrated directly in the app under the “Wallet” section

Wechat Pay was popularized by the “Red Envelope” feature introduced in 2015. Based on a Chinese cultural habit to send money in Hong Bao (red envelopes) during the Chinese New Year, Wechat offered the possibility to its user to send money to their friends.

Wechat Pay has many more features; indeed, you can do nearly everything from exchanging money with friends to paying your electricity bill or even purchasing a flight ticket.



source: Walkthechat


The phenomenon is spreading so fast that its affecting offline shopping. People don’t need cash anymore, as long as wechat payement solution is integrated in a shop, they can scan a QR code and pay directly through the app.



Source: Walkthechat

In order to increase the number of subscription on its payement solution, the app has implemented a very aggressive strategy. It blocked the access to some feature to users that hasn’t putted their bankcards. It is the case for example, to join groups that contain over 100 members.

This move seems to work pretty well! Indeed, Wechat Pay is gaining ground in China, over the 846 millions Wechat users, more than 400 millions already putted their bankcards . Its popularity is even threatening Alipay leadership in the market.


Going further with Mini apps

Users don’t need several apps anymore because Wechat is gathering them all in one single platform thanks to Mini Apps.

Indeed, the idea was to create “an app within an app within WeChat” that will replace the unmissable Apple Store. These apps can be found directly by searching them or scanning the QR code.

Mini apps offer convenience for users to order, buy, and get direct access to the brand they want to follow.


Source: Walkthechat


Mini Apps offer also many possibilities for a brand to share information, increase its visibility, exchange with its consumer and even sale its products.

Wechat is an incredible platform to in crease brand awareness and create a link with Chinese population. Well manage, a campaign can easily reach millions of people in a very short times. The challenge is now for companies to leverage the right tools to reach their target in a platform gathering 24% of global internet users.