New blog for the opening of the digital marketing and business MBA in Shanghai

Welcome on the blog of the very first class of MBADMB in Shanghai. MBADMB is the leading MBA specialized in Digital Marketing and Business in France.

We chose to open our first class abroad in Shanghai because digital here is a step ahead of what is happening in the rest of the world. Frédéric Raillard of the Agency Fred & Farid and VP of the MBADMB board in Shanghai recently said about China: “This country is a true laboratory to observe the new generation of consumers that will soon be the same in Western countries”.

As of October this year MBADMB has built the bridge between Europe and China and will now train managers able to successfully develop European companies in China as well as help Chinese companies set foot in Europe. “We are very proud to propose the first ever program with 50% of classes lead by European digital experts and 50% of classes focused in Chinese digital marketing and usage. The number of French companies in China is enormous and very few have access to the qualified profiles they seek.”, says Vincent Montet, Founder and Director of the MBA. The program is produced by the French communication school EFAP, in partnership with ESSCA and the Hub Institute.

Speaking of which, let’s meet our very first promotion of students: Here are our 15 enthusiastic, young and dynamic students who can’t wait to let you in on their everyday life and discoveries (digital and other) in China. Mathieu, Charlie, Stéphanie, Xavier F, Julie-Anne, Xavier G, Clara, Arnaud, Géraldine, Elodie, Lauranne, Pierre, Etienne, Thibaud and Benjamin.

MBADMB Shanghai digital students in class

Come back here soon and read about their experience here and digital marketing and business in China.

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