China Marketing Traditions in China Countryside

China: Between Digital & Traditions – Feedback from May 2018

After travelling a lot by myself in China in Cities and countryside, I can confirm there are 2 worlds : the Digital world which is powerful in Cities and another world outside of cities where you have the deep traditions of Chinese Life without internet, with a simple way they lived in the old days.

In my opinion, it was important to highlight this world of traditions of China.

For example, when you go leave cities to go to traditional mountains (yellow ones) or in the Yunnan area you can see that people are living in a traditional way of life.

My last example was in GOUQI ISLAND and it was amazing to see that even there was no internet, only one local bank and just a few traditional stores to live for the local people, Chinese people are looking happier than in cities by fishing and living simply, even if life is not easy.

My question is : Even if digital is powerful in China, you have a lot of places where you have no access to internet or any modern way to live, how can you live between those 2 worlds and communicate?

In Yunnan, in Sashi (or any small towns), it was also the same, they were living by manufacturing with their hands for the business of traditional wood curving.

Keeping the traditions is very important for Chinese people even if they have to accept this New World of Digital Business in Huge cities in China.

After sharing with Chinese friends from Shanghai, Yunnan, Sanya, Harbin, Beijing, I can say that the power of China is coming from their traditions, their education linked with good human values coming from Buddha, even you have various religions in China. I can say you can feel the harmony, the kindness and the respect to people from Chinese population. But the most important is to understand how Chinese people live and try to talk with them in Mandarin, even if it is very difficult.

In my such a short experience in China, I can say the people who support me a lot were Chinese, even if I did not speak the national language at the beginning.

To know more about traditions in the countryside of China

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