A glimpse of China in 2020

China is growing fast and thinking about the country in 2020 doesn’t seem like a long time travel. However, only 3 years in the Chinese digital environment is a very long period where technologies and innovations can emerge, rise and die. Since few years, China initiated a digital transition in order to put the country on new basis. With a strong growth of the middle class, a population getting older and higher and higher work costs, the answer for China seems to be technology and digital improvement.

One example of this wish of transition of China is connected factories. Combining technologies of IoT, robotics and big data, Chinese factories could, in the future, produce high tech and quality products at a competitive price. Technology would be here an answer to the competition of South East Asia, despite their lower costs.

With its successful tech companies, its tech hub in Shenzhen and its important capitals, China is also seeking to become an innovator more than an imitator. Which will give a new face to China in 2020.


Faster, stronger and better

These changes in its ways to work, product and consume did not kill the competitive spirit of China. The country wants to show its technological advancements and is always searching for better performance. Have the largest building in the world, or the fastest train is one thing, but China is now also seeking for high performance and connectivity.

By 2020, the first exascale supercomputer will be fully operational in China. Capable of billion billion calculations in a second, this super computer would open a tremendous amount of possibilities from health and life sciences, to simulations of epidemic outbreaks or earthquakes. Another tiny digital revolution for China will be the commercial launch of the 5G throughout the country.

The Maglev Shanghai, fastest train in the world
The Maglev Shanghai, fastest train in the world

Always more connected, always more virtual

With a larger amount of data sent and received faster, the network will be ready to welcome new devices and technologies such as IoT, IA or drones… Which will allow China to move a step forward with a society always more connected. With this growth of inter connections, we also assist to a virtualization process, it is already the case with the mobile payment, and the possibility to forget your physical wallet. This process is getting generalized in China and will touch every sector of activity, China’s central bank already wants to launch as soon as possible a virtual money that would slow down money laundering, corruption, tax evasion and other financial crimes. In 2020, we will assist to a more digital and virtual society due to strong technological advancements.


The attack of the drones

A good case to illustrate the strong progress of Chinese technological environment is the drone industry. Innovative and creative, many Chinese start-ups and industries empower with this technology, like the company DJI based in Shenzhen. In this tech hub of China, population is already used to hear the distinctive sound of drones flying in the sky. It won’t take long to conquer all the cities of the country. Shipping, agriculture, surveillance or even science, possibilities are almost infinite with this industry and Chinese drones let a strong and positive mark to the CES of Las Vegas in January.

The success of drone industry in China
The success of drone industry in China

As the second country represented at the CES of Las Vegas this year, China is showing its ambition to the tech world. The country is not an imitator anymore, by answering to some demographic, social or economic issues with technologies, China is developing original and effective technologies. 2020 will reflect this many years plans and investments in digital transition and make China a world leader in new technologies and digital.

The noteworthy presence of Huawei at the CES Las Vegas
The noteworthy presence of Huawei at the CES Las Vegas


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