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How to go to Huangshan & Yellow Mountains?


If you are in Shanghai and have some time to travel in China, here is an article that might interest you. You will appreciate it even more if you like to contemplate the beauty of the landscapes and the adventure in the middle of nature. Here, this article will guide you in the organization of your trip to Huangshan in the heart of the Yellow Mountains from Shanghai or Hangzhou.



The journey to Huangshan


First of all, you have to know that to go to the Yellow Mountains, you have to go through the city of Huangshan. For that, you have to take a bus. Here are the buses from Shanghai and Hangzhou to Huangshan Bus Station: Buses from Shanghai leave Shanghai Long-Distance South Bus Station. There are only two bus schedules each morning, a bus at 7:57 am and another at 10:27 am and the journey to Huangshan takes about 6 hours. Buses departing from Hangzhou depart from Hangzhou West Bus Station. There are buses all day long between 6:50 am and 6:20 pm and the journey to Huangshan takes approximately 3 hours.



The accommodation in Huangshan


The best ​​Huangshan area and the most typical is the old city district. Regarding your accommodation, it is best to locate you in this area, because it is lively at night and filled with small shops and local products.



The climb from Huangshan to the peaks of the Yellow Mountains Natural Park


There are buses that can take you to the entrance of the park. But from Huangshan city you can easily find a van, directly in the streets, which will take you where you want, that is to say at the entrance of the natural park. When you are at the gate of the park, you will have to pay the right to enter this sanctuary. From that moment, the steps can begin. But there is the funicular option for those who are unable to climb 4,000 steps. Because you have to be in very good shape to make such an effort.



The end of your perilous adventure in Huangshan will finish with a reward that is priceless. It is this incredible vision of the sunset over the sea of clouds and the mountains that emerge from it.

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