After a visionary Class in February 2018 with ESSCA #MBADMB team, I am pleased to give you more information about Csjbot Strategy in China & abroad.

Through Artificial intelligence (AI), robots can is a huge market in China. In our coming future, robots will be more and more present in our companies, not only to replaces employees but also to support them in their work.

That is why to visit the Team of Csjbot was amazing to have because our MBA team learned a lot about robots and what they do.


What Csjbot Robots are powerful in China and abroad?

In China

  • Robot can help companies to increase their turn over becoming more and more by industrialisation of products.
  • Robots can be used in Services sectors and there is a ROI (Return On Investment in China).
  • Robots are  online selling & promotions on WeChat ALIBABA, TAOBAO (Chinese e-commerce plateforms)  related to their website : WeChat Mini Programs in China
  • New jobs to support the robots too develop more technically.
  • China is huge market for robots and robots efficiency will become one day very helpful for world wide firms. Even today robots are assets for servicing and industrialisation business sectors.

Out of China

  • Csjbot have partners in the US markets and in Europe (Spain, Italy and Romania) to sell their robots and it is starting to be a success overseas.
  • New skills for experts in Digital Marketing & Business can be created in the future to increase the development of industrial and servicing companies.
  • To develop a robot you have different partnerships with Europe and US. So when a robot is manufactured, you have world wide competences in one robot.
  • Even you have less than 5 % of companies who use robots assets, it will be become more and more inside of international firms in the coming 20 years
  • Robots will support the  company team to be more and more efficient.

What Csjbot Robots can be funny to use?

  • Robots can dance : The 540 robots dance performances even applied for the Guinness Book of Records! In recent years, artificial intelligence has gradually come into people’s daily life from distant highs, by giving the audience an eye-opener on the rapid development of artificial intelligence today.

The example of Csjbot is really important because with their 2 robots :

  • “Amy Robot” who is dealing services like in a restaurant area to serve your customers who orders to the robot what he/she wants for meals.
  • “Samy Robot” who is programming to give you a human exchange

CsjBots interviews by Florence Rouchy, following the Discovery class of our MBA in Digital Marketing near Shanghai on February 2nd, 2018


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