Faceu App as a Great Success as UX in China

Recently there is a very popular app with special effects spreading among young people in China, which is “Faceu”.

  •  It quickly ranked first in free apps chart in App Store during a few days.
  • Launched in 2016, the app, which  mainly targets female users between 15 and 35, has twice made it onto the Apple store’s Chart for top apps.
  • This APP is compatible with IOS and ANDROID systems.
  • Having attracted over 250 million registered users by March 2017.

Why is Faceu App a Success in China?

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  • By beautiful selfies which can be taken by Faceu App 
  • By dynamic and cute Stickers : With Faceu, you can download animated  stickers can be used for fun pictures as memories with your friends, family members and even co-workers too.
  • By creative videos & photos taken by Faceu App for events of life
  • By various and creative collage grids can be realised by Faceu
  • By sharing pictures on social networks: People who are using Faceu APP for photos and videos can see them and share them on via social networks via WeChat Posts, Weibo and even via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin …

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