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CES Asia 2017 Report

Occasionally in this blog, we welcome guest bloggers on topics related to our focus: digital technologies, digital marketing & business in the China context.

As the CES Asia 2017 was held on June 7-9 in Shanghai, I am pleased to share the report prepared by Audrey, Laura, Marianne, Antoine, David, Kevin & Marc-Olivier, all the students from FSA ULaval from Québec (Canada) and attending the ESSCA Summer Program in Shanghai.


This report was created as a part of an online writing class and is published in partnership with La French Tech Shanghai association which kindly provided us tickets for this event. It portrays the main highlights, some products we believe are outdated and some « coming soon » technologies that were presented during the Consumer Electronic Show (CES ASIA 2017). The following innovations are discussed: Drones, 8K televisions, 3D Printing, Autonomous Cars, Augmented Reality (AR) as well as Virtual Reality (VR), wearables and smart homes.



You can save this report as a PDF file, simply by clicking the following link:  CES Asia 2017 Report – FSA ULaval – SSP (PDF – 3,36 MB)

To find the websites of the products and services described in the infographics, you can check their links below:


LinkedIn logoLast but not least, if you want to get in touch with us, feel free to click on our names thereafter, linking to our LinkedIn profiles: Laura Boutet, Marianne MathieuAudrey Faucher-GenestDavid GosselinMarc-Olivier HouleAntoine Bradette et Kevin Fleury-Filteau.

By Xavier Brochart

Editor in Chief of the MBA DMB Shanghai Blog

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