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Discover Taïwan from your Couch

If your main hobby since the beginning of this quarantine is to imagine yourself away from home, enjoying some fresh air, eating something other than pasta or quiche, then this article is for you!

Taiwan is not the first destination you think of when you talk about escape. Here are 5 reasons that will make you consider this island for your next trip.



  • Taiwanese cuisine

Taiwanese cuisine is everywhere and for nothing! You will find in the biggest cities as Taipei and Kaohsiung, good Night Markets where you can try the specific street food of Taiwan. Fried chicken, Dumplings, Mango Shaved Iced, Fluffy Pancakes, Bubble Tea, and many other delicious things. Your tummies will never thank you enough!


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  • Its various Landscapes

Taiwan has a great variety of landscapes. Whether it’s beach, city, waterfalls or mountains, the country has some wonderful surprises in store for you.

Taroko National Park is one of them. You will find caves, waterfalls, and tunnels carved into the rock.


Qingshui Cliff



  • Its Culture

The island was colonized by the Japanese for many years. So there are a lot of Japanese influences as well as Chinese influences in the infrastructure, temples, public transport, and food.

You should also know that Taiwan is considered as the most progressive country in East Asia and Asia, in general, regarding LGBT rights.



  • Jiufen and Spirited Away from Studio Ghibli

Jiufen is known to be the city that inspired Miyazaki for the movie Spirited Away. In this charming city, you’ll fin in its little streets littered with red lanterns, delicious street food.




  • Shifen and its lantern throw

To continue in the fairytale, Shiufen remains a small town full of surprise. A few minutes from Jiufen you will find waterfalls and mountains. You can also buy a lantern and write all your wishes on it before throwing it in the air.


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