2021 China Beauty Expo successfully closed out the 3-day show on the evening of May 14th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center ! This edition welcomed more than 3,200 beauty enterprises.

8 trends were discovered :

1 New regulations catapults inspection

Cosmetic companies have been facing new challenges due to the new regulations implemented earlier this year. Inspection and testing institutions are increasingly demanding with the efficacy and safety of products.

Indeed, the system of evaluation of the efficacy of cosmetics is a key feature.2 Technology, More Choices, Customization

Always in search of innovation, the R&D of cosmetic companies seek to integrate the latest technologies into their products to stand out. The integration of science, technology and innovative products is accelerating. Indeed, the world of cosmetics is very competitive.

3 Traditional categories, more precise

The categories of masks and treatments are evolving rapidly, becoming more and more specific. Products are becoming more and more adapted with the use of new technologies, ingredients and concepts.

4 Sustainability & Green Beauty

The concept of Clean Beauty is very topical, the “minimalism” takes all its sense in the framework of the new current regulations.

The reduction of plastic in product packaging is also a strong trend. There is a growing demand for the use of natural, biodegradable and unique materials.

5 KOL/millennials are the key

Millennials are very present on social networks, they find recommendations and promotions online. These young consumers have become more and more demanding, especially in the field of cosmetics. They are looking for effective products with special features. The current young generation of consumers is already paying attention to skin care products.

6 Pharmaceutical skincare

Consumers are paying more attention to the health of their skin, especially sensitive skin. To meet the many demands of consumers, companies are trying new pharmaceutical experiments.

7 Cross-border integration

With the continuous emergence of new products, cross-border integration has become a new trend. This allows to multiply sales.

8 Ins style, more interesting and fun

We are in a digital first era where social platforms allow the cosmetics industry to create, innovate and showcase their products. Skincare, makeup and other products can be presented in different interactive, fun, interesting forms.

The Chinese cosmetics industry is engaging in new regulations and new technologies.

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