Along the street(-marketing) in China

According to, the street-marketing is a technique of marketing who use the street and public places to promote an event or a product.  The street-marketing link some diverses and inovatives techniques.

The street-marketing have many avantages and one is to combine power (number of people exposed) and impact in term of memorisation. Usually, marketeurs try to create buzz with these operations. When it’s well conducted, you can expect visibility in the media. As advanced as China, brands here use that way of communication. Let’s see together some of these.


Giant Tencent QR Code

We all know that chinese love and use a lot QR codes. Who better than Tencent, father of Wechat, can use it ? By the way, in Beijing, the brand cooked a giant street-marketing operation with a QR code cake of 6x6m, 36 square meter for a weight of 3 tons. They spend 6hours to complete this, that in fact an assembly of 20 000 of more little cakes. They laught is operation to prove how easy-to-use and fast are their services !


Alteco is a japanese brand of glue. To show the effictiveness of their product, they called the DDB China agency. They decided to use one giant pot in a bridge. No more words needed.


Energy bath

Gastorade is an american brand of energy drinks who try to enter the chinese market. They don’t have an uge budget.  Helped by the DDB China agency, they decided to hit the spirit whith an street-marketing campaign. So, they equipped stadiums with jets of water disguises as bottles of the brand. The main point ? Re-hydrate lawns, like bodies, as their brand promise !


Dirty T-shirt

Fruit of a collaboration between Ariel and Nintendo, the Saatchi & Saatchi agency launch a huge and super efficient street-marketing campaign. They created the biggest t-shirt of the world for that occasion. In the biggest 16 city in China, they installe this t-shirts link to wii consoles and allowed to the people to stain or clean the surface. How to arouse emotion and stay first in the chinese people cors

Last but not least

Supor, an home appliance brand, is one of the leader of street-marketing operations in China. One of their best communication is about their anti-polution stove. They put it on the top of a factory chimney in Shanghai. An straigh way to prove to everybody that they want to go deeper and faster in the ecology field.


So ? With one is your fav ? Waiting for your answer in comments !
Btw, my dear friend Ben had also wrote on this subject, but he target one specific city, Harbin… discover why here

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