Branding & Marketing : KFC Watch Out for BAD BUZZ !



KFC did not think to create a real bad buzz in the media last year with its new chicken fried pizza. It has been the subject of many discords, in the last months on Twitter as well as in the press. In facttwittos showed their great disappointment with the reality of the product. Internet users were so desapointed of the product who presented itself as a thousand places of the visual display for advertising, which seems very appealing and much more generous to the original one.

The television advertising was really appreciated from the lovers of industrial pizza very enthusiasts who and were impatient to discover the new craziest food-porn product of the year. But when it came out… real bad buzz for the brand. 

The concept was well-crafted : to do not have to choose between two things you’d like to love, here pizza and fried chicken. KFC has made the perfect mashup and created a real first product in the history of fastfood, for all the big indecisive junk food. Unfaithful in recent years, is not hesitating to summarize : the famous “expectations” vs. “reality” are often present in the advertisements of the giants of the burger. Many visuals are posted on social networks with product photos in the restaurant on the side of the product on the poster often with a pretty sentence of disappointment.

The price also were so discussed on Twitter. Although the brand offers this pizza at 6.95 euros, it includes tomato sauce, cheesepepper and chickenusers have found a way to degrade the product too expensive, ‘shameful’ or ‘scam’ KFC, offers real chicken fillets raised outdoors, could hardly consider the freeness of its products.

Side tasteit has not been raised on the web, but in fact, the effect tasted, the promise is at the “rendezvous”. All the flavors are noticeable, and the chicken wedding is perfectly in the mouth. Its a real pleasure for our taste buds, a sweet blend of fatcheese and pepperoni, ahhh we love it and we want more. The only criticism I could make is the quantity served chizza. Indeed, we stay a little on our end, with the two breaded chicken fillets. We could easily be seeing two more. The chizza tasted alone is very good, but with a menu with drinks and drinks with an authentic traditional Sanders basket, emblem of the brand KFC, we do not remain on our hunger.

Especially since KFC insists that there are real pieces of chicken, breaded and fried on the spot. Chickens raised in the open air, that is to sayimagine frolicking in the meadows are well along the industrial nuggets, based on questionable mixtures. In short, a real guarantee of freshness and quality for what has never been pointed out. In fact, it is much easier to criticize the negatives than the positives.

Qualified false advertising by Internet, the brand to decide to replicate by combining humor and forgive during a tweet after a day spent on canvas. She also decided to include in her visual, the #ChizzaGate created by Internet users occasionally. This is a gateway of output borrowed by KFC.

Certainly the biggest bad buzz, that has known the brand in recent years, very little in the media and social networks. We imagine that a communication agency was behind this marketing operation. Was it a strategy or a gamble? No matter, the brand does not stop talking about it and its sales have never been as good as in recent years.

Bad-buzz sometimes has virtues that we ignore until it has been tested. What are the limits that must not be crossed in order to avoid the dark side of bad-buzz? It is thanks to their notoriety in the world of junk food, that KFC could afford to create such a bad buzz on their new product: chizza. By arousing the negative aspects of the latter, people have wanted to go taste the product in order to be able to issue the criticism themselves, which was positive for the brand. Real boon for sales of chizza that continue to grow, we welcome the delivery of KFC. Real ‘good job’ for the brand that knew how to take advantage of this delicate situation.


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