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The Artificial Intelligence to serve CRM



Today, I would like to share my experience as CRM Project Manager for an e-commerce website. And tell you in what, Artificial Intelligence could have been useful in my internship.



My business objective defined by my company focused on three main missions in CRM. The Costumer Relationship Management, is a combination of devices, operations and supports to optimizing customer relations, customer loyalty and maximizing margins.

Initially, I had to manage the daily e-mailing campaigns :

  • I had to elaborate briefs for graphic designers,
  • to integrate tags into urls,
  • to target customers adapted with different types of contents
  • and to program newsletters.

In a second time :

  • I had to collect and interpret the data of the campaigns,
  • then present them in a weekly report
  • and bring expertise to all the teams.

Finally, in a third time:

  • I had to develop strategies of e-mailing trigger,
  • this to make more durable our activity.



Segmentation in CRM assisted by Artificial Intelligence


Today, marketers in CRM have to divide their database in several audience segments. And this defined by their own analyses of the data. It consists to push the good message to the good person at the best moment. With the Artificial Intelligence whole the process is self-contained. The machine learning takes millions of factors to target the population, which has the best purchasing potential for a specific marketing operation; where the humans rely on 5 basic factors to build an e-mailing segmentation. A company like Tinyclues “use all types of data, from declarative socio-demo, navigation, transaction. And even off-line data transmission as retailers are routed to physical outlets via their maps fidelity.  Or pretext services to recover the customer’s email.”



CRM reporting drove by RPA


RPA for Robotic Process Automation: the first objective of this technology is removing the repetitive tasks by automating process. Every day, an intelligent robot reproduces the employee’s actions. It connects to the same website to extract data, copy and paste them into a spreadsheet and send the file by e-mail. It’s an example but it could be very useful for a CRM reporting. To continue, in some instances, a work executed in 15 days by a human takes half a day for the RPA. The company UiPath, estimates 25 to 30% of an employee’s time is occupied by peripheral tasks. This time could be unlocked for the employees to be focus only on intelligent and creative works. The benefit for the company is an obvious efficiency and the resultant profits.



To conclude, I finished my internship as CRM project manager 1 year ago. And it’s very interesting and impressive to see how quickly we have to adapt our knowledge in digital marketing. For me, the most incredible is how we are replaceable by Artificial Intelligent. Now, the next step belongs to us all.





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