Google Maps: An Infographic

This year, Google Maps celebrated its 17th anniversary, how about an infographic to learn more about it?

A unique and revolutionary service

The platform was launched in February 2005 and it has evolved a lot over the years. New features have appeared and the service has been renewed many times. In short, Google Maps is a service that has revolutionised cartography and our uses.

This tool that has evolved with the times by taking advantage of new technologies has also changed our perception of the world around us. Indeed, the many features that are an inherent part of Google Maps today have allowed the general public to access mapping information for free like never before.

Itinerary by Google Maps

Google Earth has allowed everyone to discover the world from a satellite view on their own computer.

Google Street View, which this year celebrates its 15th anniversary, has allowed everyone to discover any place in the world in 360° in a free and instantaneous way from any device.

A constantly evolving service

Thanks to Google Maps and its data it is possible to know if your favorite store is open next Tuesday. It lets you know if that new coffee shop you heard about is wheelchair accessible. Do you want to know what dishes are served at the restaurant where you have an appointment tomorrow? Well, Google Maps has this answer. Google Maps also lets you know which platform your next train is on.

Today Google Maps is used by more than a billion people and yet this service has not finished evolving. Thanks to increasingly innovative mapping technologies, thanks to its worldwide partners and thanks to its committed community Google Maps is a powerful tool that is constantly growing. Every information must be updated and the most accurate as possible.

So I invite you to learn more about this Google service that has surely changed your daily life in one way or another. Here is an infographic that traces the history of Google Maps and that shows you in a few figures the importance it has gained after 17 years of existence

Check my infographic on linkedIn to learn more about Google Maps

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