Data is gold for companies wishing to develop their business and turnover. But you still need to know how to use it to achieve your goals, in this article we will show you one of the essential tools in this field: Google data studio.

In the world of digital marketing, any individual, whether advertiser, service provider, web agency, is led to use data to understand the relevance of its actions and to be able to optimize them.

To achieve these goals, a task consists in visually formatting this data, called “data visualization”, to allow humans to understand more quickly and easily this flow of data and thus make the right decisions.

For anyone who wants to accomplish, in a fast and eye-catching way, immediate reports or more personalized and editable presentations of their data, Google Data Studio facilitates these tasks by being a tool for visual data formatting.

Here is a brief overview of the advantages of Google Data Studio.


Connect with (almost everything)

This is one of the great strengths of this tool.. Data Studio allows to centralize on its dashboard data coming from various sources. being proposed by the firm of Mountain view, Dat Studio is obviously compatible with all the other Google tools, namely:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Youtube Analytics
  • Search Console
  • And more


In addition, since Data Studio is very popular in its genre, data connectors have been created with the other major platforms that already exist, including :

  • Facebook Ads
  • SEM Rush
  • Twitter
  • Amazon seller
  • And more


Advanced graphical customization of performance reports (data visualization)

the creation of your report starts either on a blank page or you have the choice to start from a template already created.

If you start from scratch, to customize your report, you have a wide range of choices, including the size of the information, the number of charts and widgets that fit your types of needs.

To take personalization even further, a wide range of colors, fonts and page format options also allow you to create the style that is unique to your client or company. The same goes for the styles of graphics and tables.


A collaborative tool

Data Studio’s rules for sharing, access rights management, and ownership of reports and data sources are similar to those of Google Drive.

Concerning data sharing. It is possible to share a report as you share any document in Google Drive. You can also download the report in PDF format.


Easy to use

The tool is very easy to use, and accessible to all.

Once you have logged in to the interface, you will be able to see some sample reports showing you the types of information you can bring up in your own custom reports. As you view each report, you’ll learn more about the possibilities available to you with this tool.

To get you started, you can click on the link “Welcome to Data Studio! (Start here)” link. This is an interactive step-by-step tutorial explaining the many features of Data Studio.

In addition, Google also provides you with a YouTube video that gives you a quick overview of the tool.


Freemium TOOL

Another strong point of the tool is that it is completely free. You will probably have to pay for access to data connectors for third-party applications, but the Data Studio service is still free. This is not necessarily the case with all other solutions on the market.