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WeChat Official Account Guide & Top 5 Digital Marketing Accounts to Follow

There are so, so many WeChat Official Accounts available for people to join. Today, shops, individuals, and brands all have official accounts. It can be hard and stressful to find the most useful ones.

Most people don’t know that there are different types of official accounts. These vary in functions and purposes. Below, the types are explained clearly so that you can identify which one is suited best to your needs.

I have also made a list of the top 5 digital marketing WeChat Official Accounts everyone should follow! They are all in English, don’t worry. If anyone is interested in a Chinese version of this list, let me know and I’ll make one ASAP!


Types of WeChat Official Accounts

The are 3 types of WeChat Official Accounts. The two main types are a Subscription Account and Service Account, along with an Enterprise Account.

Subscription Account

A Subscription Account is found in the Subscription Folder within WeChat. All Subscription Accounts are held within this folder, as shown below.

With a Subscription Account you are allowed 1 message per day, but no push notifications. The red dot you see in the corner signalizes a new message. However, accounts are all inside the folder, so you do not see which account has a new message.


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Individuals and businesses can both create a Subscription Account. Usually, news, media-based sources, and magazines all tend to be Subscription Accounts. This is precisely because they can post new content every day.

Finally, a Subscription Account can be converted into a Service Account, which is important to note.


Service Account

A Service Account, on the other hand, offers more advanced features and can post messages 4 times a month. A Service Account can also push notifications because it is listed as an independent friend in your chat list.


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In a Service Account, you can integrate payment. This makes them a popular option for e-commerce businesses. There are also options to communicate with users, which is very helpful.

There are numerous more features on Service Accounts so consider this when choosing.


Enterprise Account

An Enterprise Account is, as the name suggests, for internal company management. A unique feature of Enterprise Accounts is that both users as well as the account individual(s) must authorize each other. Content on this type of account cannot also be published to authorization users. So, it is a good tool for management information and news within a company.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Accounts to Follow

(in alphabetical order)

1. ChCh

WeChat ID: China-Channel

China Channel specializes in everything WeChat. The posts range from upcoming trends, to useful tools and resources. My personal favorites are their WeChat User Reports, and their WeChat Trends Reports.

The China Chat Conference is also run by China Channel, where numerous WeChat related topic are addressed. These range from KOLs to E-Commerce.


2. ChoZan

WeChat ID: chozanhk

ChoZan are the ones to go to for Chinese social media platforms WeChat and Weibo. They post articles on WeChat content management, resources, and frequently discuss other apps, providing useful comparisons.

My personal favorites are the various lists they post of various ways to generate traffic. This is done via WeChat content, successful brand campaign suggestions, as well as apps and platforms that everyone should be aware of.

Most importantly, the content they post is super PRACTICAL and interesting to read.


3. Curiosity China

WeChat ID: premiumlife

Curiosity China provides quality articles and content on lifestyle, retail, and luxury brands. They post interest reports on Luxury Brands and the success of past campaign strategies. Curiosity China focuses on Social CRM and digital marketing through their own in-house tool called CURIO.

Like ChoZan, I really enjoy their lists where they showcase the Best Luxury WeChat Campaigns and demonstrate success stories in digital marketing in China.


4. Walk the Chat

WeChat ID: walkthechat

The Walk the Chat Team is an expert in everything WeChat. Everything from opening an Official Account to KOL advertising, and store management is available. Their articles are clear, well-written and useful.

My favorites are the recent China Digital Luxury Report for 2018 and the WeChat Mini Program Statistics for 2018.

In general, they provide concise articles and are always up to date with the information provided!

5. 31Ten

WeChat ID: thirty-one-ten

Last but not least, is 31Ten, which is definitely a personal favorite. What I most appreciate from them is their Case Studies and exhaustive design and marketing related articles. But they also post video tutorials!

My absolute favorites are the Baidu Marketing video, their impressive list of E-Commerce Tactics, and their most famous piece, the WeChat Bible. This is a must for anyone learning or interested in digital marketing in China.


Honorable Mentions

  • KAWO focuses on WeChat and Weibo media management
  • ParkLU is a KOL/Influencer Platform
  • Pltform品牌管理 posts bilingual content on platform and media management
  • TMO Group is an e-commerce agency specialized in e-commerce and O2O

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