Happy Valley – Shanghai amusement park for small budget!

When talking about amusement parks in Shanghai, Disneyland is often the first to be mentioned. However, it is not the only one in this park category in Shanghai! Happy Valley is a theme park specializing in roller-coasters.


Happy Valley 2 Happy Valley 3 Happy Valley

How to get there:

Located in the South-West of Shanghai, you will need an hour to get there from downtown Shanghai. Stop at metro Station X on line Y and then take a taxi for 5 minutes to connect to the park.


What attractions?

This is one of the biggest advantages of this park compared to Disneyland: it has fifteen very roller-coasters attractions while Disney has only three or four to offer. The most surprising attraction is a roller-coaster that seems dated from the early 20th century, made of old wood. The sensation is very strong because at the sight of this antiquity, we are the more afraid. But in the end, the machine works well and the sensations are great!


What is the atmosphere of the park?

Like DisneyLand, Happy Valley is a “theme park”. The attractions are therefore decorated. They are separated in several districts with a distinct decoration for each  disctrict (the aquatic world, future, western, pirates, etc). The sets are rather well done.


What about the waiting time?

Good news: the waiting time for each attraction was very short (between 2 and 15 minutes depending on the ride)!


For what price?

This is the second advantage compared to Disneyland. The price is very low, only 230 rmb compared to the 800rmb requested for Disneyland.


When should I go?

Like all the amusement parks, it is better to go there during sunny days, most attractions being outside. Do not arrive before 11 am, the park will be open but many attractions open only in the late morning.


Should I bring some snacks?

There are a lot of Chinese and occidental restaurants and it is quite cheap


I invite you to watch this video of the Diving Coaster to have an idea of how cool are the attractions !


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