Sony Music & Tencent Launch Dance Music Label : Liquid State


Sony Music is one of the three worldwide major in the music industry.

Tencent Music Entertainment is the Chinese streaming and tech giant. Marking Tencent’s first move into having its own music label.

These two monsters has joined forces to create a new Asia-based label : Liquid State Label.

Liquid State is the new home for electronic and EDM artists from Asia region and worldwide. It’s promoting and developing local talent to create original content, while providing unrivaled support for international artists in the region with live touring, club events and special exclusive experiences.

Liquid State features Ambassador, as multiplatinum-selling Sony Music artist, Alan Walker, is set to be one of the first jewels in Liquid State’s crown with the 20-year-old Norwegian planning to release a string of collaborations through the label in 2018. Moreover, famous asians DJ, as Chris Lee, Nicholas Tse and Seungri, ZHU, DJ Lizzy and Junkilla joined the label.

Let’s focus on China market. Liquid State will feature original content through Sony Music with Tencent’s streaming services : QQ Music, Kugou Music and Kuwo Music. Also Tencent media channels like WeChat, QQ, Tencent Video and QZone will support Liquid State and its artists. In China, the digital music market is growing, where more and more young people are willing to pay for content.

Cussion Pang, the CEO of Tencent Music Entertainment Group commented, “With the formation of Liquid State, our goal is to create an unmatched culture exchange between the East and the West through the power of electronic dance music.”

We think this label will bring a lot of success in Asia. After a lot of Shanghai by night, we can conclude that Chinese’s people are very aware about Electro Dance Music.

Feel the beat. Feel liquid. 

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